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Welcome to Mind Oasis

Community. Connection. Meditation.
Mind Oasis is a warm and welcoming online meditation community. Our mission is to bring the timeless benefits of meditation to practitioners worldwide via live streaming sessions.

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Meditation curious?

Want to meditate but don’t know how?

Tried to meditate but can’t get it “right”?

You’ve come to the right place….

The beauty of Mind Oasis is that it has something for all levels of meditators.  If you’re new and want something light and casual, you can drop in on any number of fun community meditation sessions. If you’re already an established meditator and want to take a deeper dive into the practice or the teachings, there is rich content available for the seeker. 

Becky A.,

I’m so grateful to find Mind Oasis and Community Meditation as I appreciate how many different teachers there are and have enjoyed the conversations with the group at the beginning and end. And the meditation is exactly what I’ve been needing- something online as I am immune compromised, have financial difficulties, and have motivational difficulties with sitting by myself meditating. So I am delighted to find these meditations and want to say I am really grateful.

Leah S.

“It’s incredible to feel the presence of students across the planet, live, in real-time. It creates a strong sense of community and reminds us we are all connected. It’s very heartwarming. ”

Elizabete Gomes

I love the opportunity to share from my heart across time zones and into the world of another, ultimately unifying us in a sense of oneness through the practice of meditation.

Vanessa Bryant
“I adore Community Meditation. It is great because you can always come back to it and there’s other people there and it’s just a community and it feels really good to have other people there.”
Amanda Merritt

“Generally, I find all screens – computers, televisions, smartphones – to be very depleting, like a huge energy suck. I am so thankful to Mind Oasis Community Meditation program and practitioners for helping me transform my relationship with this inevitable aspect of our shared human experience. Every time I have the chance to teach meditation or sit with one of the beautiful teachers online at Mind Oasis I feel energized, inspired, and nourished.  Now, I look forward to my screen time and look for other ways to share the benefits of mindfulness through social media and the internet so everyone has the opportunity to access such beautiful technology.”

Allison Joy Phillips

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