Thank you to the companies and individuals below who donated to the 2021 May Meditation Challenge! We are so grateful for your support.

Mind Oasis is only made possible through the generosity of our supporters.

Current corporate sponsors include:

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Thank you to the many individuals who donated a talent or item to the 2021 May Meditation Challenge Silent Auction

Al & Joan Rudnitzki
Allison Joy Phillips
Allison Pharmakis
Amy Terry
Autumn Righino
Bev Carrasco
Deidre de Forest
Denise de la Garza
Elizabete Gomes
Georgia Keith
Jane Coburn
Jen Brennan
Joan Rudnitzki
Joan Zigulich
Joseph Schwartz
Karen Soltes
Keith Mars & Rachel Matvy
Kelly Lindsey
Lena Golden
Lisa Shiga
Mairead Zigulich
Maria Novak
Natalie Hain
Rachel Matvy
Sandy Golden
Sarah Tomlinson
Sarah Wolfgram