Welcome to Community Meditation!

Community Meditation on Mind Oasis is free to join. Sessions are 30-minutes and are as interactive as you would like — dial in, Zoom in, video on or off, chat with the group, or remain in silence. Your presence is always enough. You’ll find the Mind Oasis community to be welcoming, kind-hearted, and fun.

With just a few clicks below, you can join us for daily sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening!


Since the pandemic struck in 2020, the leadership at Mind Oasis has been continuously evaluating how to best serve the global community. By providing a meditation platform that is accessible, community-oriented, inspirational, and helpful we hope to be the antidote to the fear, confusion, disappointment, and heavy hearts that many of us continue to experience even as the world opens back up.

Community Meditation is offered in two tiers: a Basic Membership and an All Access Pass.

Basic Membership is complimentary and includes:

  • Access to daily Community Meditation sessions
  • Personalized inspirational follow-up emails from your teacher
  • access to a private Community Meditation Facebook group

Become an All Access Pass member of Community Meditation to receive a PRIVATE 30-minute meditation coaching session with one of our Mind Oasis certified meditation instructors and lots of other amazing benefits!


All Access Pass membership includes:

  • One-on-one coaching upon sign up (value $75)
  • Access to an annual online retreat (value $450)
  • Enrollment in a monthly Community Chat (value $240)
  • One coupon annually for workshop/series of choice (value $80- 160)
  • 10% off all classes, workshops, and series
  • Access to daily sessions on Community Meditation
  • Access to a private Facebook group for members only

Come for the meditation. Stay for the connection. Leave feeling energized.

As people around the world face increased interaction and others face another round of lockdown, the world can feel ungrounded and confusing.  Meeting up in community to practice meditation on Mind Oasis offers a touchstone.  Our practices are designed to help practitioners find safe ground and a space to recharge.  Mind Oasis guides offer practices designed to help get you out of your thinking mind and into your breath and body.  The Mind Oasis community offers both access to ancient meditative tools and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals designed to decrease isolation and anxiety.