Welcome to Community Meditation!

Community Meditation on Mind Oasis offers daily, live, online, guided meditation sessions that are free to join. 

Sessions are 30-minutes long. Our teachers are trained to offer shamatha (calm abiding) meditation, which brings the attention to the breath. However, they bring their own talents and flavors to their sessions. We suggest trying many different teachers and sessions to find the ones who resonate with you the most!

What to Expect in Each Session:

  • A friendly greeting from your teacher
  • Gentle movement (appropriate for all bodies and whether on a cushion or in a chair)
  • Guided meditation
  • Inspiration (quote, poem, etc)
  • Dedication
  • Time for discussion or questions

Join us for daily sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening in just a few clicks!

First, become a member of our Community to access the link for attending sessions, see the daily schedule, and engage in lively discussion.

Community Meditation sessions are as interactive as you would like — dial in, Zoom in, video on or off, chat with the group, or remain in silence. Your presence is always enough. You’ll find the Mind Oasis community to be welcoming, kind-hearted, and fun.


About Our Community Meditation Teachers

Our Community Meditation teachers are friendly, welcoming, real people–just like you. They have jobs, families, pets, and are choosing to walk a contemplative path. Their sessions are not scripted. They will teach based on what is alive for them, sharing stories, quotes, poems and inspiration from their own lives. Each of our teachers has completed a meditation teacher training and have their own personal practices.

Community Meditation and COVID-19

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, the leadership at Mind Oasis has been continuously evaluating how to best serve the global community. By providing a meditation platform that is accessible, community-oriented, inspirational, and helpful we hope to be the antidote to the fear, confusion, disappointment, and heavy hearts that many of us continue to experience even as the world opens back up.

Our world can feel ungrounded and confusing. Meeting up in community to practice meditation on Mind Oasis offers a touchstone. Our practices are designed to help practitioners find safe ground and a space to recharge. Community Meditation teachers offer practices designed to help get you out of your thinking mind and into your breath and body. The Mind Oasis community offers both access to ancient meditative tools and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals designed to decrease isolation and anxiety. Gathering in our virtual space is always safe.

Come for the meditation. Stay for the connection. Leave feeling energized.