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As you may know, we have been passionately sharing Community Meditation for free with YOU, our global community, for the past 3 months. As the Spring season comes to a close, the world is beginning to pick up even more steam. It’s as critical as ever to dedicate ourselves to our meditation practice – and to showing up with and for our community in meaningful and helpful ways.

That’s what Community Meditation is for. A moment in your day to drop in with real human beings, with the same human hearts and fears and damn difficult human problems. We sit with it all—together.

The free trial of Community Meditation ends on 30 June, and we want to show you how much we’re committed to showing up for you, so you can keep showing up for yourself (on and off the cushion).

As a special THANK YOU for your presence this Spring—we’re offering a special gift to everyone who purchases a membership between today and June 30th!


Meditation can quiet your mind, bring inner peace and improved relationships; which is better than most super powers out there!

Community meditation on Mind Oasis provides affordable, interactive guidance with other practitioners.

Our 30-minute sessions help establish and maintain a consistent, rooted meditation practice.

Community Meditation can help a beginner get started or a seasoned practitioner find connection and expand their practice. Our guides are experienced and well-qualified to help you move forward on your own personal journey.

Come for the meditation. Stay for the connection. Leave feeling energized.

As people around the world curb non-essential activity outside the home and face social and racial unrest, Mind Oasis is continuing to step up access to ancient meditative tools designed to decrease isolation and anxiety.