Kelly Schwartz – Founder and North Star Gazer

Kelly Schwartz

Karuna (Kelly Schwartz) has over a decade of experience in nonprofit management and brings unique insight to Mind Oasis from running nonprofits varying in budget size from 250k – 13 million. Her passion is bringing the timeless benefits of meditation to practitioners worldwide, and her Masters in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University coupled with many years experience as a Director of Development and Executive Director make for a powerful intersection in leadership of philanthropy and wisdom.

Justine Fanarof – Board Member

Justine believes meditation can bring an awareness of the stress and beauty in life and offer a space of peace, ease, and intimacy for personal and interpersonal relationships.

She believes Mind Oasis can create and support a community of practitioners in sharing wisdom, compassion, peace, and ease within the individual and collective consciousness. Justine brings an understanding of legal and business issues that impact spiritual community, and more than two decades of personal practice and teaching to the Mind Oasis community.

Justine’s work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher is grounded in a lifetime of intellectual inquiry, social justice activism, and community service. Her spiritual practices have supported her through the arduous process of becoming and being an adult. The thread of her spiritual practice runs concurrent to her practice of higher education and her personal work has been to understand how the two practices coalesce. Justine’s range of life experiences, from being a lawyer, working with undocumented children, producing news, living abroad, speaking Spanish, and working on legislative issues, to studying, practicing, and teaching embodied physical and spiritual practices yield her specific gifts as a teacher. A teacher of yoga and mindfulness since 2004 and a practicing lawyer with a Masters in Public Health, Justine is a creative, thoughtful, and ethical teacher. Justine is the Owner and Founder of Fanarof Law and Justine Yoga and the creator of Mindful Law Firm™, Mindfulness Based Mediation™, and Yogi Know Thyself™. With deep gratitude and joy she brings her range of practices and teachings to her community. Born in Johannesburg and raised in Texas, Justine speaks Spanish, loves road trips, camping and hiking, swimming (particularly in the ocean and at Barton Springs), and adventures with her rescue dog Lulu-Jai.

Mohit Goyal – Board Member

More info coming soon about our wonderful friend Mohit Goyal of Austin, TX.

Joan Rudnitzki – Immediate Past President

Joan has been accredited as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) since 1996. The CRFE accreditation is considered to be a premier designation in the fundraising and development fields. Joan has achieved and maintained this status by combining 30 years of philanthropic experience with formal education in business management in order to utilize the best practices from both fields.

Throughout her long career, Joan has worked with not-for-profit organizations in furthering their missions while ensuring the public trust. As a development executive, Joan has raised millions of philanthropic dollars for not-for-profits whose areas of focus include the environment, social service, higher education, and arts and culture.

When she lays down her “making the world a better place” cape, she takes up books, toys, and imaginative play with her grandbabies!

Joseph Schwartz – Board Member

Joseph Schwartz

Joseph feels meditation can heal the world — especially considering the aspiration of world peace starts with ourselves. When we find peace within then we can radiate out to each person with whom we interact.

Joseph believes that Mind Oasis creates the opportunity for more people to discover the inner potential of self-discovery. Self-discovery and becoming the observer is a process by which to heal ourselves and our world.

Kinesiologist Joseph Schwartz, Founder of Movement Mantra, is the Developer of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains, the Applied Anatomy Blog, Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment Seminars, and The Spiral Engine of Locomotion™.

He is a kinesthetic visual learner whose exploration and study in the somatic field has led him on a 30+ year journey of finding joy being in the body. His passion is to give people a movement experience that creates a shift in perception. His inquisitive nature continually asks him to look deeper at why different practices have different physiological effects, such as how the tangible and the non-tangible interface with this vehicle we call the body.

Joseph’s meditation modality of choice is walking meditation complemented with sitting and lying.

Karen Soltes – Vice President of Programs


Karen believes that meditation can help settle the mind and body, help folks to heal from many types of trauma, and help people to better respond rather than react to the world they live in.

She loves that Mind Oasis is a platform that can bring meditation to people of all backgrounds and life experiences, and can allow them to access it without having to travel or leave home. Karen feels this is especially important for people who might not live near urban cities where there are more offerings, or for folks that have limitations on their time, or their ability to access these offerings.

Karen is a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher and senior trainer, Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). She has lived in Durango Colorado for the past 5 years and holds a MSW and MA ED from Washington University. She loves the outdoors and finds great peace in the solitude and beauty of the mountains that surround her home. Karen also loves movies, documentaries, and finding more space and time to enjoy life in the luxury of semi-retirement.

Lacey Melguizo – Board Member

Lacey is a mindful mother to two of her greatest teachers, who are a constant source of her inspiration and practice. Lacey has over 20 years experience in health care as a registered dental hygienist. The last ten years of her career she has focused her continuing education on the brain, stress response and inflammation in relation to healing. Lacey is the founder of Unscripted Heart, a graduate of Dakini Meditative/ 300 hour meditation teacher training, and a certified Kids Life Mastery™coach. Lacey served as the Mindfulness Educator at Wholesome Generation beginning in 2017 where she created and piloted Mindful Teacher Training programs with an emphasis on brain science, stress, and learning. Over the last five years, Lacey has been partnering with public schools and implementing creative mindfulness practices and leadership trainings school-wide with the curriculums she has authored. Lacey is on a mission to educate and empower teachers, students, and parents to connect with their unscripted hearts through the practice of mindfulness and compassion. She is a constant student of life and honored to envision a kinder and more compassionate world where all children, and the adults who nurture them are empowered to lead and create systems that support their growth.

Autumn Righino – Board Member


Michael McSwain – Board Member


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Leanna Gilliam – Board Member