by Sarah Tomlinson of Sarah Yantra (read the original blog post here)

A Yantra is a geometric symbol that contains the specific energy of a planet or deity.

Each one imparts a healing energy that you can use in whatever area you feel stuck or stagnant, or if there is a place where clarity is obscured. From relationship challenges to creating a clear focus on your spiritual path, Yantras can help.

They come from the Tantric tradition of Northern India around 2,000BC, and are the visual counterpart to Mantras (audible sounds used for healing).

Working with Yantras connects you with these ancient teachings, providing a tool for powerful healing and transformation. They remind us of the places in ourselves we may have forgotten, like our greatness, our capacity to love, our strength, or effortless abundance.

They reflect our own positive qualities, making us whole again.


Healing = Wholeness

Working With Yantras

  • Use the Yantra Oracle Deck as a daily centering practice while learning about the meaning of each symbol within the card deck.
  • Begin Drawing Yantras as a way to embody their shapes and colors. Learn more here.
  • Color Yantras as a form of meditation and feel the enriching benefit each Yantra offers.
  • Work directly with Sarah to gain clarity and guidance. Learn more.


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