“My experience with Mind Oasis was such a pleasant surprise! I didn’t expect to feel so connected to my teacher and the other students, given that there were computer screens between us, but it was really such a beautiful experience. I feel as close to my classmates as I would if we’d all been in a room together.” ~ Mind Oasis Meditator

Why Meditate Online?

This question may be echoing through your mind if you’re someone who regularly attends meditation or yoga classes in a local, community setting.

You’ve seen some buzz about this nonprofit called, Mind Oasis, and you’re maybe a little curious, but the question keeps swirling…

Perhaps you tend to be skeptical of anything related to technology and see it as a source of headaches rather than enriching experiences.

Maybe you feel like you wouldn’t feel a sense of connection by attending on online class.

If you’re having trouble imaging why meditation online could be beneficial, check out our list of 10 reasons meditating online could be the best option.

“Don’t think meditation can be as good online as in person? I thought so, too. And I was wrong. I’ve experienced phenomenal connection and community. I invite you to experience it, too.” ~ Denise Deniger, Mind Oasis Teacher

10 Reasons Meditating Online Rocks!

We’ve compiled a list of ten scenarios when meditating online could not only be a great choice, but might be the best option for you and your lifestyle.


meditating weekly with your best friend, son or daughter, who lives three states over and who you typically only see a few times a year.

…that you just moved to a small town and haven’t yet been able to explore your local meditation studios yet (or worse, there aren’t any). With Mind Oasis there’s no meditation void as long as you have wifi! Perhaps you’ve just left behind a beloved teacher in your city– invite them to teach meditation on Mind Oasis!

opening your living room or meditation space to a community of meditators, as you all sit in the comfort of your own homes, sipping hot tea out of your favorite mugs, closing your eyes to meditate together.

…that you just worked a ten hour shift, you get home, you want to practice with a community, but the last thing you want to do is leave your house for a class. With Mind Oasis, you don’t have to!

waking at 6:20am to do your meditation practice at 6:30am without leaving your home; and you’re greeted by nine smiling sleepy faces, all there to remind you why we’re doing this work and encouraging you to keep at it.

…you live in a big city with meditation classes available, but your dog was left alone all day and the thought of leaving them again is heartbreaking ~ dogs, cats, parrots, and any other pet of choice is encouraged to join class with you!

…you’re trying to get home in time for your class to begin, but you get caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Pull into a nearby parking lot and join from your car (it has happened)!

… you have an incredibly strong solo meditation practice, but you would feel more anchored by having a weekly community class to look forward to that fits into your lifestyle.

you’re a beginner who feels intimidated about walking into one of those fancy yoga or meditation studios with their incense and crystals and pictures of elephants because that’s so not you. All are welcome here!

…arriving to work before everyone else so that you can complete your meditation practice from your cubicle. Talk about starting your workday off on the right foot!

Still Not Convinced?

Why not just give it a try? The Mind Oasis offers free classes several times a month, so you can check it out with no risk. You can also check out our current class offerings to find a meditation class that fits into your schedule or join a single class as a drop-in student.

Here at Mind Oasis, we believe that meditating online can be not only an enriching experience and a source of connection, we feel that it can truly broaden our connection with others.

Let’s meditate everywhere!