Classes on Mind Oasis are designed to amplify and align your life through deeper studies to support your meditative and spiritual life.

Most sessions are offered in a multi-week series format to encourage a routine that supports your meditation practice. We offer one-off workshops as well.

Here is a FAQ to help you with any questions you might have about our live online classes.


Intro to Sanskrit
Two Tuesdays, 14 and 21 April
5:00pm CT
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In this two day workshop let’s look at select sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, two commonly chanted mantras, pronouncing select asana names, Luminous Soul Meditation, and select principles for authentic yogic living.

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Prana Rising an Immersion with Girish
30 March – 18 May 2020

5:00pm CT
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90 minutes

Join celebrated yogi musician, author, and teacher Girish for an empowering online immersion here on Mind Oasis.

This is an opportunity for us to dive deeper into the empowering practices of Mantra, Breathwork, Sound Healing, and Chi Gong in a live interactive session to deeply nurture, heal, and inspire us. Let’s join together every week in the sacred circle of connection and community to cultivate wellness, vitality, and sacred space.

Recordings are posted within 48 hours after the session for you to revisit time and again.

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Various Teachers including Lauren Benjamin, Dima Yepishin, Brian Reid, and Denise Deniger
Sundays, starting January 2020
12 Courses – Six-Weeks each
2 Hour Sessions, 6:30pm CT
All sessions are recorded if you miss a class or wish to revisit concepts and/or meditations.

To honor their Teacher’s commitment to help us all become better for others, The Classical Texts and Authentic Practices curriculum will now be taught by senior students of Lama Marut. The CLASSICAL TEXTS AND AUTHENTIC PRACTICES OF EASTERN SPIRITUALITY curriculum offers a progressively unfolding, comprehensive course of study in the wisdom and practical application of Eastern spirituality as it pertains to modern life. Based on Lama Marut’s original translations and relevant, applicable interpretations of the Sanskrit classics of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Yogic traditions, these courses cover a wide range of teachings and practices from an inclusive, comparative, and non-sectarian point of view. They are designed to provide an in-depth, systematic, and coherent foundation and overall framework for any serious spiritual practitioner — from beginners to experienced teachers, regardless of one’s religious affiliation or the lack thereof.

Each course consists of six weekly two-hour interactive online classes, including lecture, discussion, and guided meditation portions. Each class also includes an easily applicable and effective practice designed to integrate the teachings into daily life. There will be alloted time to discuss, interact, and share your thoughts, reactions, and experiences of the material covered.

The curriculum as a whole is comprised of twelve courses to be taught over two years. When taken together, these stand-alone courses constitute an extensive course of study in the classical scriptures and principal practices of Eastern spirituality. Participants are, however, welcome to register for any one, several, or all of these interrelated yet self-contained course offerings.

Brought to you in partnership with Inner Way LA and Mind Oasis.

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Mindful Living: How to Live Fully and Happily in the Present
Brian Reid
Sundays, 8th March – 19th April
6:30pm CT
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*Please note we will not meet on the 15th of March.

The success of one’s meditation sessions and the application of mindfulness throughout the day requires certain adjustments in lifestyle as well as instruction in the actual techniques for “mindful living.”  In this course, we review and offer practical ways to apply the authentic teachings on mindfulness drawn from the classical spiritual texts dealing with the subject.

Topics include: “Living a Life Conducive to Mindfulness,” “The Practice of Mindfulness and the Obstacles to It,” “Taming the Mind,” and “Mindfulness in Action.”

Benefits of the Course:

  • Acquire authentic mindfulness training based on the ancient classics
  • Create a mindful lifestyle
  • Avoid activities detrimental to mindfulness
  • Learn meditations and contemplations for establishing priorities
  • Cultivate the methods for mental awareness and successful meditation

Based on selections from the Buddha’s Mahasatipatthana Sutta, Kamalashila’s Bhavana Krama, Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, and Svatmarama’s Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

To honor their Teacher’s commitment to help us all become better for others, The Classical Texts and Authentic Practices curriculum will now be taught by senior students of Lama Marut. Interested in all 12 courses? Learn more here.

Brought to you in partnership with Inner Way LA and Mind Oasis.

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Workshops and Series

The Beautiful Wisdom of No Escape
Facilitated by Karuna
Thursdays, 8am CT
9 April – 28 May 2020
(time zone converter)
60 minutes

A 8-Week Series with Karuna; the third in her Living Beautifully year-long exploration with Pema Chödrön. No need to have attended the prior modules — you’re welcome to register for individual modules or the entire year-long series.

Each class will be an invitation to recharge your battery, recommit to living beautifully, and reset your intention for the week.

Using the three lenses of Precision, Gentleness, and the Practice of Letting Go, we will explore what it means to live with an open and courageous heart in a rough and tumble world.How can we use these three qualities to show up for ourselves and others in masterful and sometimes profound ways? Likewise, how can we use these three qualities to show up for ourselves and others in helpful and kind ways?

“This is the book that saved my life when I was on an extended meditation retreat. Every time I wanted to shut down or run away, I opened up this book to the most perfect sentence or two that gifted me the wisdom I needed exactly in that moment to remind me to stay with whatever was arising. I can’t think of a more appropriate book to read and discuss during this time of Corona. ” – Karuna

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Mind/Body Practices for Resiliency in the Time of Corona
Gina de la Chesnaye
6-week FREE series
Mondays & Wednesdays
30 March – 4 May
60 minutes
1:00pm CDT (time zone converter)

In this 6-week series, Gina de la Chesnaye will offer mind/body practices specifically for those affected by the C-19 virus as well as the effects of it which may include depression, anxiety, rumination, grief and anger. You’re invited to attend both the Monday and Wednesday sessions.

Each session will be one hour and will entail an understanding of how traumatic events affect our nervous system and what practices we have within our own bodies and the connection of our mind-bodies to help alleviate some of the physical symptoms and mental/emotional/spiritual ones as well.

Oftentimes, it is very difficult to discern if the tightness in our chest is anxiety, illness, or both.

Utilizing breath work, mindful movement, meditation and restorative poses as well as the connection we have with one another can be key instruments in helping us to feel agency and provide some relief while recovering from the virus, helping others recover or simply witnessing the suffering that is all around us.

Sessions are recorded and available within 48 hours to revisit the sessions time and again.

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Intro to Mindfulness in the Thich Nhat Hanh Zen tradition
Annie Mahon
Thursdays, 2 April – 21 May, 2020; no session 23 April/14 May
9:00am CT (60 minutes)

(time zone converter)

“Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

We can practice mindfulness in each moment of life once we know how. When we breathe in, we know we are here, and when we breathe out we surrender to the present moment. We know we are alive and this is the miracle of mindfulness.  Annie Mahon was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh in 2009.

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Elizabete Gomes

Healthy Hour
Elizabete Gomes
5-week FREE series
1 – 29 April
60 minutes
7:00pm CDT (time zone converter)

Discussion of current health concerns related to COVID-19 endemic:

Immunity support (physical, emotional and mental).
Stress management, anxiety reduction, and sleep improvement.
Mindful practices to reduce worry, negative thinking, and unnecessary worries.

Practical advice on natural ways to support the physical body, emotions, and mental state:

Immune boosting natural remedies, food to support immunity, including discussion of detox ideas.
Foods (with recipes) for grounding.
Herbal and supplements ideas for sleep, stress and anxiety.
Miss a session? No big deal, recordings are sent out within 48 hours of each session.

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Meeting Myself in Meditation and Life
Turi Hetherington
Thursdays, 16 April – 21 May 2020
11:00am – 12:15pm CDT (time zone converter)

With social distancing and shelter-in-place the new norm, here’s an opportunity to nurture your relationship with yourself. This 6-week series uses movement, mantra and meditation to bring a sense of balance to body, mind and spirit. Join Turi for this six-week series! Miss a session? Recordings available.

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Wrestling with Nagarjuna: The Ultimate Goal of Meditation
Nicholas Marshall
Wednesdays, 22 Apr – 10 June
90 minutes
6 – 7:30 PM CT
(time zone converter)

This class is an exploration of Buddhist philosophy. The main anchor for our discussion will be Arya Nagarjuna’s Root Verses on the Middle Way (Muulamadhyamakakaarikaa.) The goal of the course is to understand the literal meaning of the text and how to apply the Buddhist principle of emptiness to our daily lives.

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Injured & Whole: Intro to Meditation for the Traumatic Brain Injury Community
Turi Hetherington
Tuesdays, 21 Apr – 26 May
60 minutes
1pm CDT

(time zone converter)

“Turi’s knowledgeable guidance, kind words and inspiration have been foundational in my personal journey of healing. With Turi’s help I have been able to find deeper healing and understanding of myself for the journey of wellness as a TBI person.” – Lori

Research shows iRest effectively reduces stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, and enhances joy, equanimity and well being in daily life. The best way to learn it is to experience it. Join us!

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Meet Your Inner Healer
Lauren Hubele
Wednesdays, 6 – 27 May 2020
Noon CT (75 minutes)

(time zone converter)

Have you ever considered the belief system you have developed about your own health and healing? Perhaps you know what you don’t believe to be true but deep in your heart what do you really believe and more importantly why?

Let’s take those beliefs out for some airing and see if they actually align with who you are today. Using a bit of journaling, sketching, sharing and simple shamatha meditation practices we will take a journey of self-discovery together.

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Quiet Mind, Open Heart: The Six Perfections
Kelly Ann Lindsey
Tuesdays, 24th March – 28th April 2020
9am CT
(time zone converter)
75 minutes

The Buddha described the practice of meditation as a vehicle that we use to travel the path from suffering to liberation, like a boat that helps us cross from one side of a river to the other. In this six week morning meditation series we will explore Buddhist teachings on the Six Paramitas, which are six qualities that we cultivate on the path of meditation: generosity, kindness, patience, joy, meditation, and wisdom. We will also explore teachings on karma and discuss the role of karma in practicing the paramitas. Each class will include a short Dharma talk, meditation, and an opportunity for personal reflection and discussion. This Buddhist meditation series is open to new and continuing students.

WARNING: There may be Mary Oliver poems and One Song Dance Parties and other unconventional methods used to explore this very traditional teaching!

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Gentle Moving Meditation
Joseph Schwartz
Tuesdays, 24 March – 28 May 2020
11:00am – 11:30 pm CDT (time zone converter)

Most people are asleep in their bodies not noticing how they organize their movement. This leads to unwanted stress and tension in the body. Mindful movement brings awareness to how we move and relate to our changing environment.

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Mythical Spirit Animals: Journeying with These Incredible Guides
Libby Brittain
Thursdays, 5 March, 2nd April, 7th May, and 4th of June 2020
7:00-8:00pm CT
(time zone converter)

Empower your life by Shamanic Journeying with spirit animals. Join Libby for this 4-Part Series to explore their healing properties, empowering traits and the benefits of cultivating these relationships.

You can expect a brief meditation, history/background and journeying with the selected mythical spirit animal, closing connection and discussion of the journey, and how to connect and work with the mythical spirit animal moving forward. Drop-Ins available!

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Living Beautifully – A Year-Long Study with Pema Chödrön (2020)
Facilitated by Karuna
Thursdays, 8am CT
(time zone converter)
60 minutes

When we become more insightful and compassionate about how we ourselves get hooked, we spontaneously feel more tenderness for the human race. Pema Chödrön

How is your spirit today? This is a question you’ll be asked each week during this year-long exploration of Pema Chödrön wisdom bombs. Expect that each week we’ll discuss a new quote or chapter from the book of choice for that particular series; coupled with meditation practices designed to bring about insight, compassion, and wisdom. Your heart-felt experiences will inform our time together while Karuna expertly weaves this into day-to-day practices you can experiment with both on and off the cushion.

“My vision is that participants will leave each session feeling recharged and energized for whatever uncertainty and change they meet that week. To live beautifully requires us to spend time in quiet reflection, mindful action, and self-care/retreat. Finding a way to integrate spiritual practices into each breath we take and our actions while living and working out and about in the world is my greatest desire. Together we will explore the many ways we each are caring and supporting others and ourselves.” — Karuna

Whether you sign up for the entire year or just one series at a time, the touchstone of one hour each devoted to living beautifully will have a profound effect on your spirit.

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Yoga for Uncertain Times
Brooke Binstock
Mondays, 23 March – 27 April 2020
6:00-7:00pm CDT (time zone converter)

Uncertainty can stir up a lot in us. Currently, as a society, we are feeling collective pangs of fear and anxiety. The practice of yoga can help ground us in the now, connecting us to our breath and body. Join Brooke for this six-week series! Miss a session? Recordings available.

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DROP-IN YOGA – 75 mins
Yoga and Meditation for Resilience
Shannon Bronson
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1:30pm PDT
3:30pm CDT (time zone converter)

Wednesday Evenings: 6:15pm PDT
8:15pm CDT

Yoga and meditation are proven way to build mental and physical resilience. Join Shannon Bronson to practice both, with an emphasis on anxiety reduction, basic mindfulness skills, and getting a great workout, all without leaving home!

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DROP-IN GENTLE YOGA – 75 minutes
GENTLE Yoga and Meditation for Resilience
Shannon Bronson
Wednesday Evenings: 7:45pm PDT
9:45pm CDT (time zone converter)

Gentle Yoga coupled with meditation is a proven way to build mental and physical resilience. Join Shannon Bronson to practice both, with an emphasis on anxiety reduction, basic mindfulness skills, and getting a great workout, all without leaving home!

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Beginner-Intermediate Yoga
Michael Hewett, Vessel Academy
5:00-6:00pm CDT (time zone converter)

We begin by warming up the joints of the body through vinyasa orchestrated to custom musical playlists. These movements build a purifying heat which is then channeled into the asanas, setting the stage for deep meditative experience. Join Michael each Friday night to end your week in a puddle of bliss. In partnership with Vessel Academy.

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DROP-IN Gentle Hatha Yoga + Restore
Brooke Binstock
9:00am CDT (time zone converter)
75 minutes

This practice will slowly awaken you to the day and help you shake off your week. Expect slow movements with a big emphasis on mindfulness and self-compassion. We’ll end each class with a restorative pose or two to soothe the nervous system and give you the space to re-enter your day with more ease.

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Intermediate-Advanced Yoga
Michael Hewett, Vessel Academy
9:00am CDT (time zone converter)
90 minutes

We begin by warming up the joints of the body through vinyasa orchestrated to custom musical playlists. These movements build a purifying heat which is then channeled into the asanas, setting the stage for deep meditative experience. Join Michael each Friday night to end your week in a puddle of bliss. In partnership with Vessel Academy.

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Author Spotlight and Bookclub

2020 Meet the Author Schedule
(time zone converter)

26 March, 7pm CT
Annie Mahon – Things I Did When I Was Hangry: Navigating a Peaceful Relationship with Food

23 April, 7pm CT
Lauren Hubele – Restoring Your Immunity (avail ONLY via Lauren’s website – very limited in quantity)

21 May, 7pm CT
Brenda Salgado – Real World Mindfulness for Beginners: Navigate Daily Life One Practice at a Time

MOBC and Author Spotlight is lightly facilitated. We meet for 60 minutes to meditate, discuss, and enjoy the MO’ Conscious Community once a month!

The bookclub is free to attend.

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Teacher Trainings


Mind Oasis 300-Hour Meditation Intensive and Teacher Training
Facilitated by Karuna and Guest Teachers
September 2019 – March 2020
All classes are live, online, and interactive.
Applications are due by July 15th.

This 300-hour intensive is designed to amplify your practice and your life. With two-tracks (teacher training and personal growth), you can decide where you want to go on this journey. You can join from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are in the world, as all classes – including the opening retreat – are live and online. They are interactive – this is not a pre-recorded course. Real training. Real talk. Real people.

Teacher Training: If you’re looking to teach meditation, this intensive is designed to train and certify you as a meditation teacher that is well-qualified to teach live in-person or online classes, and/or guided recorded meditations. After eight-weeks of shoring up your personal practice, you’ll start your practicum teaching meditation on Community Meditation. At the end of March, you will receive a 300-Hour certificate of completion and it is our intention to provide you a place to teach on Mind Oasis if you so choose.

Personal Growth: If you simply want to reap the benefits of an intensive but aren’t sure if you want to become a teacher – this track is for you. You won’t have to decide for the first eight-weeks of the intensive, as both tracks will be engaged in the exact same activities up until this point. If at the end of the first eight-weeks you know that you don’t want to teach, then you will engage in attending classes taught by those in the Teacher Training and other classes offered on Mind Oasis rather than the practicum teaching opportunity via Community Meditation.

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Coming Soon


POSTPONED TO 28 – 31 MAY Living Beautifully
A Mind Oasis Retreat led by Founder Karuna
April 2nd – 5th — 2020
Rocky Mountains, CO
Sunshine Mountain Lodge

20 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park (extra evening add-on available for Sunday night with advance notice).
$595 – includes transportation to/from DIA; lodging, all meals from arrival Thursday evening through departure Sunday late morning; beautifully guided meditations and talks; plus access to Karuna’s “Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change” series in January and February on Mind Oasis. Vegetarian Fare; shared (but lovely!) accommodations.

Saturday evening will include Ecstatic Dance with Liz Tucker. She’ll introduce participants to the waves of dance available to us.

Throughout our time together, we’ll be weaving in the pragmatic and inspiring writings found in Pema Chodron’s book, “Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change.” We will explore Three Commitments Pema proposes that can help us, “experience freedom of life without a storyline.” The Commitments are to: Cause No Harm, Care for One Another, and Embrace The World Just As It Is. These teachings – that are so relevant to the divisive world in which we find ourselves — are meant to open your heart and mind to raw experience of the turbulent river of life and to learn how to both embrace and navigate this groundlessness. The invitation will be to let go of our habitual patterns to unveil what else is available to us.

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