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Most sessions are offered in a multi-week series format to encourage a routine that supports your meditation practice. We offer one-off workshops as well.

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Mind Oasis presents our first annual Moonlight Meditation fundraiser on Saturday, 31st of October.

Join us for a special full moon meditation on All Hallows’ Eve designed to illuminate the places in your life that are ready for you to invoke forgiveness, find gratitude, and set intentions for the rest of 2020!

We’ll start with a deep felt meditation and then will move into some spooky F-U-N including a:

Costume contest

  • Pet costume contest
  • Silent Auction
  • Prizes
  • Ecstatic Dance Party with DJ Lady Owl!

Let’s have a great time supporting a great mission! Meditation practices don’t always have to be somber. Unless you’re a zombie or you dress up as one on Halloween 🙂

Entry is $40 for an individual or $75 for couples; $30/$55 is a tax-deductible contribution.

Everyone who registers will receive a deluxe custom designed bandana!

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The Problem, Cause, Goal, and Solution: Four Worthy Steps Towards Acceptance and Peace
David Simmons
Sundays, 20 September – 18 October
6:30pm CT
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At a time when so much seems to be in disarray, there is possibly no better time to explore this foundational wisdom. It’s certainly not that we have more problems now than any other time. But since we are living NOW, now is in fact the PERFECT time to learn or be reminded of one of the most elegant and functional ways of dealing with our current circumstances. I hope you will join us for the adventure.”

The “Four Noble Truths,” outline fundamental truths about reality. They encapsulate the Buddha’s teaching, and offer a universally applicable structure for a profoundly practical way of living.

1) Recognize the GROUND TRUTH of change.

2) Analyze the cause of our problems with change.

3) Recognize an alternative to how we experience suffering as a result of change.

4) Provide a method for navigating change with acceptance and peace.

Brought to you in partnership with Inner Way LA and Mind Oasis.

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Bondage, Freedom, and Interconnection: The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising
with Lauren Benjamin

8 November – 20 December 2020
6:30pm CT (two hours)
No meeting on 29 November (Thanksgiving)

Among the most profound and useful teachings of Buddhism is the so-called “Twelve Links of Dependent Arising,” an analysis of the circular nature of the actions that keep us perpetually suffering. We will explore this topic through a verse by verse examination of the relevant chapter from the great Indian philosopher Nagarjuna’s master text. It will highlight the ways we repeatedly re-create the causes of our own suffering and how we can break out of this “wheel” and attain total freedom.

Topics include: “identifying with the Causes of Suffering,” “The Nature of Interdependence,” “How Craving and Grasping Arise,” and “Breaking the Chain.”

Benefits of the Course:

  • Discover how “dependent arising” works in our own lives to keep us suffering
  • Learn about how the causal process of rebirth works (over lifetimes, but also moment by moment)
  • Gain a deep understanding of what is meant by “interdependence” and how to live a more connected life
  • Identify the “weak links” in the “chain” and how to break them
  • Analyze the five principal “mental afflictions” and acquire practical strategies for combatting them

Based on Chapter 26 of Nagarjuna’s Root Verses on the Middle Way (Mulamadhyamaka Karika) and Lama Marut’s original verse-by-verse written commentary, with an addendum from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra on the five principal mental afflictions.

If you miss a session – they’re recorded and available within 48 hours. 

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Various Teachers including Lauren Benjamin, Dima Yepishin, Brian Reid, and Denise Deniger
Sundays, starting January 2020
12 Courses – Six-Weeks each
2 Hour Sessions, 6:30pm CT
All sessions are recorded if you miss a class or wish to revisit concepts and/or meditations.

To honor their Teacher’s commitment to help us all become better for others, The Classical Texts and Authentic Practices curriculum will now be taught by senior students of Lama Marut. The CLASSICAL TEXTS AND AUTHENTIC PRACTICES OF EASTERN SPIRITUALITY curriculum offers a progressively unfolding, comprehensive course of study in the wisdom and practical application of Eastern spirituality as it pertains to modern life. Based on Lama Marut’s original translations and relevant, applicable interpretations of the Sanskrit classics of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Yogic traditions, these courses cover a wide range of teachings and practices from an inclusive, comparative, and non-sectarian point of view. They are designed to provide an in-depth, systematic, and coherent foundation and overall framework for any serious spiritual practitioner — from beginners to experienced teachers, regardless of one’s religious affiliation or the lack thereof.

Each course consists of six weekly two-hour interactive online classes, including lecture, discussion, and guided meditation portions. Each class also includes an easily applicable and effective practice designed to integrate the teachings into daily life. There will be alloted time to discuss, interact, and share your thoughts, reactions, and experiences of the material covered.

The curriculum as a whole is comprised of twelve courses to be taught over two years. When taken together, these stand-alone courses constitute an extensive course of study in the classical scriptures and principal practices of Eastern spirituality. Participants are, however, welcome to register for any one, several, or all of these interrelated yet self-contained course offerings.

Brought to you in partnership with Inner Way LA and Mind Oasis.

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