Classes on Mind Oasis are designed to amplify and align your life through deeper studies to support your meditative and spiritual life.

Most sessions are offered in a multi-week series format to encourage a routine that supports your meditation practice. We offer one-off workshops as well.

Here is a FAQ to help you with any questions you might have about our live online classes.

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Finding the Unity in Diversity: The Yoga of Wisdom
with Brian Reid

17 January – 21 February
6:30pm CT (two hours)

In this, the first of three courses on the three yogas of the Bhagavad Gita we investigate the crucial concept of “wisdom” common to all forms of Eastern spirituality. What is “wisdom,” and why does it have the life-changing power to liberate us?

Topics include: “The Problem of Ignorance and the Power of Wisdom,” “Knowing the True Self,” “Unity in Diversity,” and “Royal Knowledge: The Highest Secret.”

Benefits of the Course:

  • Receive an extensive introduction to and overview of one of the greatest of the world’s spiritual classics
  • Establish what is meant in Eastern traditions by “ignorance” and identify its workings in your own life
  • Learn how wisdom has the power to negate all bad karma
  • Receive instructions on how to meditate on and identify with the immortal Higher Self found in all things and beings
  • Understand how wisdom leads naturally to true compassion for all beings and changes our relationship to them
  • Based on selections from the Bhagavad Gita.

If you miss a session – they’re recorded and available within 48 hours. 

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A NYE Dance Party with DJ Lady Owl
31 December
8:00pm CT (60 minutes)

Pre-party in this private dance party with DJ Lady Owl and Mind Oasis. She’ll deliver a wave of “feel good” music to get you ready to kick 2020 to the curb and to embrace the hope of 2021!

Let’s dance off 2020 and open our hearts to 2021! Simply register below.

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The Good Road – a Year-Long Study with Karuna
January – December 2021
8:00am CT (60 minutes with optional 15 minute discussion group at end)

The Source of All My Good (“The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment”) is a 14-verse instructional on how to find happiness and freedom. In short, it is 14 verses on how to live a good life from birth to death. The Lam Rim Chen Mo, authored by the great Lama Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419), is regarded as the father of the Geluk lineage – that of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Lam means Path and Rim means steps/stages. The Lam Rim Chen Mo is a complete instructional on how to live a good spiritual life from A to Z. Originally written in a three-volume teaching, this distilled version is said to perfectly contain every instruction necessary to live a wholehearted and worthwhile life. As we turn toward 2021, what could be a better undertaking?

In this year-long study, we will explore the many elements of a spiritual path in great detail. We shall discover how these many concepts from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective based on this important and beautiful work are applicable in every moment and decision in our life. Though based on the teachings of the Buddha, we will explore how to apply this wisdom to our everyday life from many perspectives – regardless of faith, philosophy, or religion. In other words, we will bring this gorgeous poem to life, finding applicability in each moment and circumstance in our daily life.

This is the second time Karuna has taught this precious text on Mind Oasis. Joining her on this good road will plant many good seeds in your heart for living an enlightened life (whatever that might mean to you).

You are invited to join us for the whole year; however, each segment can be studied “stand alone” and therefore you can join us for a particular module if you prefer.

You can expect Dharma talks, meditation practices, a fun, thoughtful, and somewhat zany community, and a stellar poetry selection.

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Various Teachers including Lauren Benjamin, Dima Yepishin, Brian Reid, and Denise Deniger
Sundays, starting January 2020
12 Courses – Six-Weeks each
2 Hour Sessions, 6:30pm CT
All sessions are recorded if you miss a class or wish to revisit concepts and/or meditations.

To honor their Teacher’s commitment to help us all become better for others, The Classical Texts and Authentic Practices curriculum will now be taught by senior students of Lama Marut. The CLASSICAL TEXTS AND AUTHENTIC PRACTICES OF EASTERN SPIRITUALITY curriculum offers a progressively unfolding, comprehensive course of study in the wisdom and practical application of Eastern spirituality as it pertains to modern life. Based on Lama Marut’s original translations and relevant, applicable interpretations of the Sanskrit classics of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Yogic traditions, these courses cover a wide range of teachings and practices from an inclusive, comparative, and non-sectarian point of view. They are designed to provide an in-depth, systematic, and coherent foundation and overall framework for any serious spiritual practitioner — from beginners to experienced teachers, regardless of one’s religious affiliation or the lack thereof.

Each course consists of six weekly two-hour interactive online classes, including lecture, discussion, and guided meditation portions. Each class also includes an easily applicable and effective practice designed to integrate the teachings into daily life. There will be alloted time to discuss, interact, and share your thoughts, reactions, and experiences of the material covered.

The curriculum as a whole is comprised of twelve courses to be taught over two years. When taken together, these stand-alone courses constitute an extensive course of study in the classical scriptures and principal practices of Eastern spirituality. Participants are, however, welcome to register for any one, several, or all of these interrelated yet self-contained course offerings.

Brought to you in partnership with Inner Way LA and Mind Oasis.

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