Classes on Mind Oasis are designed to amplify and align your life through deeper studies to support your meditative and spiritual life.

Most sessions are offered in a multi-week series format to encourage a routine that supports your meditation practice. We offer one-off workshops as well.

Here is a FAQ to help you with any questions you might have about our live online classes.

Most classes are offered in a multi-week series format to encourage a routine that supports your meditation practice.

Featured Classes

cindy lee

Mind Training
Cindy Lee
Sundays, September 8 – October 27, 2019
8-Week Series
7pm-9pm CT

LOJONG or mind-training, is a provocative practice that flourished in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Perfect for those of us living out in the world, these pithy and direct aphorisms get straight to the point and strike at the heart of transforming our habitual reactions into awakened action.

Let’s explore together – through study, practice and discussion – the 7-Point Lojong (Geshe Chekawa), a challenging yet potentially powerful technique for developing the heart and mind to promote more meaningful living and loving in this wild world.

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Rachel Ricketts
Monday, December 2, 2019
6pm CT
90 minutes

Mind Oasis is pleased to host racial justice advocate Rachel Ricketts for a curated ONLINE offering of her Spiritual Activism 101 workshop. This is a special opportunity for all hue-mans to come together for a sacred and spiritual conversation about how they can commit to anti-racism and inclusion, acknowledge their privilege, confront their fears and learn how to actively contribute to lasting, effective racial justice. The workshop is LIVE and INTERACTIVE. A recording will be sent out afterward to all registrants. Space is extremely limited and we expect to sell out quickly. Sign-up early!

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Sanskrit Studies Method:Introduction to Sanskrit with Manorama
Tuesday, December 3rd & Thursday, Dec 19th
5:00pm-7:00pm CT
Two Day Workshop

This Sanskrit Studies Method course is an introduction to the Sanskrit language and the culture of the modern yogi. We will look at select sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, two commonly chanted mantras in yoga classes around the globe. We’ll practice pronouncing select asana names. You’ll also be introduced to Luminous Soul Meditation and select principles for authentic yogic living.

Miss a day? We’ve got you covered. Video is posted within 24-48 hours after the session.

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Susan Piver
Tuesday, January 14, 2020
7pm CT
2 Hour Workshop

The enneagram is a system of personality typing, but to say so is like saying John Coltrane was a sax player. It just goes way beyond that. Among other things, it is a pitch-perfect illustration of your own and others’ blind spots, of what we do over and over to cause our own problems, and of how we hurt others simply because we interpret their actions according to our own type.

What Susan has to say about the enneagram:

“The enneagram offers a road map around habitual problems that block self-compassion and self-expression. It enables you to communicate more deeply with those you love and those you think you can’t get along with. It is as close to having x-ray vision as anything I have ever discovered. I’ve been studying it for more than 20 years and use it every single day of my life.”

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Author Spotlight and Bookclub

Mind Oasis Book Club and Author Spotlight
Lisa Feder, Author of “A Year of Mindful Wellness: Twelve Months to Stress Less and Live More”

October 17 – 7pm CT

MOBC and Author Spotlight is lightly facilitated. We meet for 60 minutes to meditate, discuss, and enjoy the MO’ Conscious Community once a month!

The bookclub is free to attend.

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Michael Hewett
The Five Great Insights – Vipassana Meditation
5:00-8:00pm CT
10-week Series
October 15 – December 17

Training the mind is important to be present during moments when transformative insights appear. A dedicated spiritual practice which involves our body, emotions, energy & mind makes insights occur more readily & in a way we may receive without becoming unsettled by their powerful impact.

We will explore the nature of reality as taught by the four ancient schools of Buddhism & the key insights which lead to awakening.

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Michael Hewett

Michael Hewett
Shamatha Meditation
1:00-4:00pm CT
10-week Series
October 13 – December 15

The Buddha’s foundation of a solid meditation practice and insight into the depths of the self and the universe.

In this 10-week series, learn how to perfectly balance mind and body during meditation, cultivate a healthy relationship between the conscious & unconscious minds on the path to self love and healing, and see emotions objectively as they appear. Together we will lay a path to accelerate one’s path towards Awakening.

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New Earth Thrival Guide: A Morning Experiment
Erika Kluthe
8-Week Series
Tuesdays, Starts October 8th
6:00-7:15am CT

An experiential energy-body-building & meditation series, these workshops are designed to set the habit of a new personal *sadhana (daily practice). We do this as a *sangha (divine/sacred community) in order to accelerate personal inner growth, support the consciousness upgrades we as a collective are currently experiencing, and to consciously increase our connectivity—connection to a higher intelligent energy and purpose.

In our morning practice we will learn to feel for subtle energy shifts. We will both ground (apana) and uplift (prana) energy, yoking the energy body equally between the two, placing each participant in their personal power. When in such a position “there is nothing we cannot do or be or have” (Abraham Hicks). And should we open our hands to allow it, it will come easily. Like miracles, this is natural and can happen in an instant. We are also training in stillness and single-pointed focus (dharana) where one returns, through consistent practice, to their natural state of well-being, an open vessel for divine inspiration, direction, and insight. .

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iRest Yoga Nidra
Kim Humphrey
Monthly Drop-In
Tuesday, October 22nd
7:30pm CT, 60 mins

Integrative Restoration Meditation (iRest®) was developed by Richard Miller PhD and is sometimes described as a modern version of classical yoga nidra. Richard has made this ancient practice accessible to our western understanding of our bodies and minds, and the iRest protocol offers us tools to meet, greet, welcome and respond to our body sensations, feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Drop-In *and* receive the audio recordings to use again and again throughout the month!

Kim offers a monthly iRest class on Mind Oasis.

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The Awakening Self: An Intro to Kundalini Yoga
Sarah Andrews
5-Week Series
Starts September 18th
7:30pm CT, 45 mins

During this course, you’ll learn more about what Kundalini yoga is and how this powerful energetic practice can have a profound impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Each week, we’ll take a deeper dive into one of the core components of Kundalini Yoga, making space to practice, breathe and meditate together along the way! Miss a class? You’ll receive the recordings!

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Heart Song Meditation
Elizabete Gomes
6-Week Series
November 6th – December 18th (no class the week of Thanksgiving)
6:30pm CT, 75 mins

If you long to know how to open your heart, if you seek path that is right for you, and if you have a deep desire to connect with your true nature, this meditation series is for you. Following our heart path with deep understanding of our body, personality, and emotions is very powerful.

In this six class series we will utilize the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) theory to explore the psychological make up, personality types and body constitution that each person has. We will also apply meditation techniques to navigate through each of the five emotions (fear, anger, joy, anxiety, and grief) to gain greater insight into our minds and hearts, cultivate mental stability and physical well-being.

This classes can benefit beginner and experienced meditators, psychotherapists, health care professionals, body-workers, yoga and meditation teachers. Miss a class? You’ll receive the recordings!

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Winter Solstice Satsang
Sarah Tomlinson
Thursday, December 19th
7:30pm-8:45pm CT

Join us for the Winter Solstice Yantra Coloring Meditation – and get ready to invoke the sacred goddess warrior Tripur Bhairavi, as she will give you the strength to root out the demons in your mind that are hampering you and yield positive results in your spiritual practices.

you will be ready to embrace your own light fully!

Join us and discover how to en-lighten your life and give growth to the areas that require it. Sarah will invite us to have a meditation together and then will tell us all about the Tripur Bhairavi Yantra and Goddess – weaving in bits about the solstice and our lives.

Let’s come together in community with like minds. How nice to spend the eve with like minded friends – as we move toward the longest dark night of the year!

The word ‘Sat’ means the real, the true. It is when you join in with practices and conversations that align you with the deepest pulse of your being, the one that is your essential truth.

These special evenings with Sarah are all about spending time with a community of truth-seekers…

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Learning to Communicate with Animals
Libby Brittain
Thursdays,  October 10th, November 7th, December 12th, and TBD January 2020
7:00-8:00pm CT

Have you ever wondered what your cat is thinking? Or why your dog always wants to play the moment you’re trying to get out the door for a meeting? Did you know that animals are working with us every day to help us stay in alignment with our higher self? Join Libby Brittain for this 4-Part Animal Communication Series to explore what animals are trying to teach us and how to communicate with them.

You can expect a brief meditation, energy management techniques, learning & experiencing methods for animal communication, group discussion, as well as field log/journaling. Drop-Ins available!

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Elizabete Gomes

Heart of the Teacher
Rotating Facilitators: Elizabete Gomes (October)
9:00am CT, 45 mins

Calling all Meditation Teachers who want to sit with, learn from, connect with and be inspired by other instructors!

Nurture your teacher’s heart by joining in weekly practice and discussion with other meditation teachers. Connect with fellow instructors while sharing the joys and challenges of walking the path of teacher and practitioner. $20 for the month.

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The Gift of Ultimate Freedom
Thursdays, September 5th-October 24th, 2019
8:00 – 9:00 am CT

In this 8-week long study, we will be exploring the Six Perfections. During her 2017 month-long solo meditation retreat, Karuna explored these wonderful ways “Perfections” each and every day. They offer a potent way of being in the world. Karuna will guide us through discussions, meditations, and practical day-to-day application of each of the Six Perfections of Generosity, Morality and Ethics, Patience (the antidote to Anger!), Joyful Effort, Meditative Concentration and Stillness, and Wisdom.

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Meditation for the Artist – “the Path of Creativity”
Douglas Smith
August 5th – September 30th (no class on Labor Day)
7:00-8:15pm CT

Meet Douglas at our (free) Meet the Author event on July 25th at 7pm.
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The road to wisdom and the way of the artist are the same path.

Using Buddhist and other meditation practices within the creative process, Author, Fine Artist/Designer and Creative Coach, Douglas Paul Smith, teaches a series of 8 classes that will guide us to higher states of creative Flow, allowing us to go beyond our supposed creative limitations to a deeper, more connected way of being.

Students will learn: how to deepen their creative process and find their true authenticity; how to make art they feel good about AND can make a living from.

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Drop In


Free Your Voice, Transform Your Life a 12 Month Exploration
Monthly, Next Drop-In October 7, 2019
7:30 – 9:00pm CT

Monthly drop-ins and pro-rated pricing is available!

Spend a year with world touring musician, author, teacher, and former Hindu monk, Girish. Explore tools and practices to find and express your true voice through mindful singing and chanting in this inspiring interactive series. Join Girish for this beautiful exploration of using your voice to transform your life! Attend the entire year or drop in for individual workshops.

Listen to Girish go into detail about what the series will entail in this 3-minute video!

2019 dates: 10/7 and 11/4. Classes are recorded, so if you miss a session or two, we’ve got you covered!

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Teacher Trainings


Mind Oasis 300-Hour Meditation Intensive and Teacher Training
Facilitated by Karuna and Guest Teachers
September 2019 – March 2020
All classes are live, online, and interactive.
Applications are due by July 15th.

This 300-hour intensive is designed to amplify your practice and your life. With two-tracks (teacher training and personal growth), you can decide where you want to go on this journey. You can join from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are in the world, as all classes – including the opening retreat – are live and online. They are interactive – this is not a pre-recorded course. Real training. Real talk. Real people.

Teacher Training: If you’re looking to teach meditation, this intensive is designed to train and certify you as a meditation teacher that is well-qualified to teach live in-person or online classes, and/or guided recorded meditations. After eight-weeks of shoring up your personal practice, you’ll start your practicum teaching meditation on Community Meditation. At the end of March, you will receive a 300-Hour certificate of completion and it is our intention to provide you a place to teach on Mind Oasis if you so choose.

Personal Growth: If you simply want to reap the benefits of an intensive but aren’t sure if you want to become a teacher – this track is for you. You won’t have to decide for the first eight-weeks of the intensive, as both tracks will be engaged in the exact same activities up until this point. If at the end of the first eight-weeks you know that you don’t want to teach, then you will engage in attending classes taught by those in the Teacher Training and other classes offered on Mind Oasis rather than the practicum teaching opportunity via Community Meditation.

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Coming Soon


Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards, Meditation Retreat, and Trekking in Nepal
November 4, 2019
8:00 am – 9:30 am

Watch a 30-minute Q&A informational session with Brad and Karuna.

Join us for a 15-Day trek to the Nar-Phu Valley – starts 11/4/19 from Kathmandu; we are flying, driving, and trekking to where the snow leopards play! Along the way we will be doing some volunteer work and staying in age-old monasteries well off the normal tourist grid. Our guide is Brad Clement – the Founder and Executive Director of the Pangje Foundation. Brad is also a badass climber – having summited Mt. Everest several times and many other serious mountains as well. Karuna, Founder and Executive Director of Mind Oasis, will be leading the retreat aspects of meditation, Dharma talks, and a service project for Panjge.

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