Join us for our 5th Annual Meditation Challenge!

Running throughout the month of April…

This month is all about supercharging your meditation practice so you can transform your life! Decide if you want to meditate for 7, 14, or 30 days in a row and let Mind Oasis be your support for meeting your goal.  Throughout the month, Mind Oasis tracks your attendance for you, sends you rah-rah messaging, and for an extra incentive, hands out fun prizes along the way!

What You Get When You Join

  • Access to our signature program, Community Meditation™ where we offer online daily group meditation several times each day.  Each session has a RSVP function to help keep you on track.
  • Access to a “How to Meditate” self-paced program that teaches you the basics of meditation sitting just 10 minutes/day.
  • Registration for the April 1st Kickoff Celebration that includes a yoga session, an intention setting and meditation basics workshops, as well as an après meditation mixer to get to know your fellow meditators on this month-long journey!
  • Attendance tracked by our guides and a surprise award at the end.
  • Daily inspiration from our world-class guides.
  • Weekly rah-rah to keep going.
  • Registration for the Wrap-Up “High Tea” Celebration. Pinkies up or down, we’ll come together on April 30th (details forthcoming) to drink tea and enjoy a sensual meditative experience with the sweet treat of your choice.

Whether you’re ready to commit to 7 or 14 days or the entire month, we’re rooting for you!

What is Community Meditation™?

  • Community Meditation™ on Mind Oasis provides online interactive guidance with other practitioners.
  • Our 30-minute sessions help establish and maintain a consistent, rooted meditation practice that is sure to have you looking forward to your practice time.
  • Community Meditation™ can help a beginner get started or a seasoned practitioner find connection and expand their practice. Our guides are experienced and well-qualified to help you move forward on your own personal journey.

Come for the meditation. Stay for the connection. Leave feeling energized.

Psssstttt….it’s free this month only for anyone wishing to befriend their mind.

Thank You Sponsors!

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