Recognizing the power of joining a meditation challenge, Mind Oasis is now offering monthly opportunities to do so!

You can join Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday and still get in five days!

These challenges are live, online, and happen with an engaged and fun community.

Special for the month of April, is our monthlong Meditation Challenge. Join anytime.

Here are five reasons why a meditation challenge is what you need:

  1. It gives purpose to your practice. You get the satisfaction of ticking off your progress each day. Our dear colleague Elizabete wrote an awesome blog piece about these “string of pearls” recently for Mind Oasis.

  2. It’s just better together. Group meditation on Mind Oasis is filled with smiling warm friendly faces (think about how refreshing that is compared to going out into the world with folks barely able to make eye contact these days!). You might arrive feeling like shit, but I find it’s difficult not to feel better after Community Meditation™.

  3. It makes the goal more manageable. Yes, we aspire to practice each day for the rest of our lives, but that can feel overwhelming. Breaking the new habit down into bite-size pieces helps it feel doable, and that’s important for our motivation.

  4. You have a schedule. You know that there are a number of sessions offered each day and you need to schedule with reminders how to make it work within your daily life. Luckily, the RSVP function in events makes this easy. RSVP and you’ll get a reminder ahead of the meditation session that has the link to join right there. You’ll also see an “Add to Calendar” function that allows you to add the session to your favorite digital calendar.

  5. You’ll see results. There isn’t a better motivation to keep going than to experience results. We have had many folks tell us that they can feel their practice leaching into their daily life within a few sessions. Not only do the Community Meditation™ guides deliver a gentle and helpful container in which to practice, they also offer quotes, tools, and inspirations to take out into your life after each session.