By Kristina Lopez

Resolutions can be disappointing when we are already starting the year off worrying about last year’s broken promises. In 2022 it’s time to skip the New Year’s resolutions in favor of an intention setting practice. Setting intentions invites us to plant the seeds for what we want and see how they grow instead of actively anticipating a specific outcome.

Intentions help us embody our practice by naming how it is we want to show up in the world in the now. Resolutions are more like goals that we set to complete in the future. Unlike goals, intentions cannot be broken. We simply work towards them.

Setting intentions are rooted in naming a desire we have. By naming this desire we are creating the opportunity to notice it better when it arises. This is where the mindfulness aspect of an intention setting practice is important. We must develop our awareness of the world around us in order to notice these small moments of magic as they happen.

We can easily use our breath focused meditation as a catalyst for setting intentions. Try this as part of your next meditation:

  1. After settling into your posture, set an intention that you want to uphold. This can be something like, “I intend to practice generosity more often.”
  2. Use your exhale to release that which no longer serves you, creating new space for growth within.
  3. As you inhale imagine your breath fueling your intention with life. Perhaps even visualize your breath as a warm glow and see it moving through you.
  4. Before finishing your meditation take a moment to extend your practice by thinking of all the countless beings who may also share your intentions and dedicate your efforts to them too.

I love setting an intention at the start of every meditation. For me it is the perfect way to reset my daily practice and make it more aligned with what I am experiencing in my day to day life. Living intentionally is all about stepping into your inherent wisdom and embodying it by taking action. When we set our intentions we are creating a fluid journey with twists and turns. This simple action invites our intentions to come into fruition.

If one of your intentions as we start this new year is to begin or restart your meditation practice, we’re here for you! Join us live, online on Community Meditation and you’ll receive excellent guidance from one of our friendly teachers. Sessions are 30-minutes and are as interactive as you would like — dial in, Zoom in, video on or off, chat with the group, or remain in silence.