After a lot of listening and contemplation, I’ve come to believe that alignment is one of the most accessible doors into living a fully awakened, vivid, and joyful life.

When we are out of alignment in some way – whether through our actions, words, or thoughts – we have instinctual warning signs that go off in our physical body.

Think of a time recently when you did or said something that wasn’t kind.  Most likely, even if it felt good at the time (like when you are clever toward your partner, friend, or child), you probably felt some sense of regret afterwards. 

The payout for you emotionally, wasn’t worth the pain it likely caused someone you care about.  Your body will usually signal what your mind wishes to forget – sleepless nights, stomach pains, nervousness and anxiety are all possible symptoms when you find yourself out of alignment. You may emotionally feel despondent or depressed.  Your mind may feel like a monkey bouncing around a tree.

The good news is much like the indicator on a leveling tool – it usually only takes a small adjustment to get back between the lines of an elevated life. At its root, this is pointing us back to our morality and virtue, but I like to describe the less than sexy concept of morality as instead an amplification.  Think about how you feel when you amplify your mood, your work, your relationships, etc. That is the flow state as humans that we are looking for!

Note this isn’t about being better or worse or even necessarily doing what is right or wrong.  This is an invitation for you to tune into what arises for you when you act in a way that is out of alignment for YOU. This will be different for each of us and that gives you a lot of power to carve out your reality for yourself.

If you’ve taken a class with me on Mind Oasis, you know that my spiel is the opportunity that exists between what you practice on your cushion and how it manifests in your life moment to moment.  

When you have a consistent meditation practice, you have the spaciousness of mind and the openness of heart to reflect on the power of compassion for leading an amplified life.  You have an opportunity to feel into regret.  You develop the courage to say things like, “I’m sorry” and “I don’t know”  — two very powerful phrases to align and amplify your life.

If you practice group meditation once/week or more — like we do on Community Meditation, you have the added benefit of dialogue, community, and feedback.  It’s like putting afterburners on your practice and life — whoa!

There are so many opportunities to amplify and align on Mind Oasis.

Pick one and sign-up and let us know how it goes!

Galactic Aligned Love,