1) Mind Oasis makes meditation accessible to everyone through live, interactive online classes. It’s convenient, simple, affordable and led by friendly, relatable teachers, and it can spark significant positive changes in your life.

2) You can participate in a Mind Oasis meditation class from anywhere–your desk chair at your office, a bus or train during your commute, a cafe, the park, or the comfort of your own home. All you need is a pair of headphones and a device with an internet connection.

3) Mind Oasis offers authentic connection to a diverse community. You can connect with other professionals, artists, mothers, fathers, teachers, students, and entrepreneurs across the country. These are folks just like you who have the desire to make friends with their minds.

4) It’s friendly to the environment. There’s no driving and almost no resources needed to participate in a Mind Oasis class. This means no fighting traffic either!

5) Using technology for meditation makes more sense than you might think. At Mind Oasis we strive to use technology for good. Many of the ways in which society is utilizing technology create addictive behaviors and encourage multitasking, which decreases our ability to focus. Mind Oasis offers a reprieve from all that overstimulation and a chance to use technology to bring stillness and connection into your daily routine through an accessible platform.