Your mind is very good at thinking, analyzing, and assessing (ie- is that a dangerous person or animal?) It also thinks a lot about what may happen in the future and makes up fantastical stories about what has happened in the past.

One area your mind may struggle with is the present moment.

Yet, isn’t the present moment the one that you’re living?

It feels a little tricky when we hone in on the present moment.  It feels fleeting. Slippery. Here and yet not here.

In my personal meditation practice I have been playing a lot in the realm of the space between breaths

At Mind Oasis, as many of you know, we frequently use our breath as an anchor in our meditation practice. Lately, instead of watching my breath I’ve instead been feeling my inhale, riding the exhale, and *then* noticing the space between these breaths

This tweak is revolutionary in my practice and it has been fun to share this on Meditate on the 8s. This space or gap between our breath is the present moment. The more that you can tap into this primordial awareness – the blue sky background to the fleeting clouds – the more your mind is trained to be present. Don’t take my word for it – take it for a test spin yourself.

Note: this is a tip that can be used during any moment of your life, anywhere you happen to be because your breath is always with you! Even if you don’t yet have a meditation practice you can pause and become mindful of your breath, focusing on the space in between. Try it at the grocery store, on the bus, or during a meeting and notice if anything changes.

Recent survey results suggested y’all would like more tips and tricks for your practice.  The idea of Meditate on the 8s is that you get live guided instruction with plenty of time to ask questions if you desire, so please pick a time, put it on your calendar, and join us for MO8.  Come as you are, sit, and then ask your teacher your burning meditation questions!