By Bev Carrasco

Transitions occur throughout our lives, such as seasons, moves, school/ work locations, schedules, income sources, and wellbeing. Sometimes transitions are moment-by-moment and sometimes at a more tolerable pace that allows integration to one change before another change enters our path. No matter the rate of transitions, each transition can impact our lives, our families’ lives, our community, the region we live in and the world. It is a ripple. Each change involves some sort of stress and provides an opportunity for response. Our responses impact who the ripple touches. We may feel that we are alone in the process, but that is an illusion. The ripple reaches much farther than we see or know. Much like our meditation practices.

We call our “practice” the time that we sit on the cushion. We see the people that we share silence with on the screen or in the room. What we don’t see are all the beings that each person interacts with verbally and non-verbally through in-person interactions, by screen (video/text/email), thought, gesture and energy exchange. Now, take a moment and consider all the beings that those people exchange energy with each day. Wow, right?! Looking beyond the visual perception of people and life. Seeing the heart of the person we are talking/ texting or emailing, feeling the energy in conversations and disagreements, allowing the tears to roll down our cheeks and soak in the sorrow. That is the beauty of our meditation practices. The real and raw experiences of living our lives in the moment. 

Sitting on the cushion is my time to receive, release, integrate, surrender and bask in the “magic sauce” of sharing with one another, yes even in silence. Then, the real practice of living in the moment and embracing the experiences on my path while being mindful of my interactions can occur. Even if that happens just 1% more than the day before, there is a benefit. And when it doesn’t happen yet I notice that it did not happen, there is a benefit.

The community of Mind Oasis has provided a “home” for me during all of those transitions mentioned above. Yep, every single one of those transitions in the past twelve months including a move across the Land of Enchantment (NM). We have shared moments of laughter, sobs of sorrow and confusion, venting and frustration, celebration, creating, sharing perspective that offers the possibility of shifting future responses and lots of silence. Beautiful moments of shared humanity. All moments of blessings. Moments providing me opportunities to be a better human in the lives that I touch.

Please join us for Community Meditation. Sessions are live on Zoom seven days a week. Join me on Wednesdays at 7 AM central time zone, and bring a friend.