If you’re struggling with depression, you feel desperate to figure out how you can break the cycle of low energy, exhaustion and despair. Feeling depressed may be your natural tendency, but that doesn’t make you powerless when sadness strikes.

The truth is, most of us operate on auto-pilot. We have mental habits we continuously fall into without even realizing. If you’re ready to get free, you need to stop functioning within the same old constructs. Train your brain to perceive your existing circumstances differently so you can start to feel better.

Mind Oasis teacher, Allison Joy Phillips, recently shared 3 master yogi secrets to beat depression this summer and her full blog post was shared on Thrive Global!

Click here to learn these three secrets and start applying them to your life!

Allison Joy Phillips advises C-level executives, professional groups and productive people how to strategically achieve their highest goals. Allison Joy founded CO CONSCIOUS to connect more people with mindfulness, meditation and holistic wellness. She has a private practice in Manhattan and is Director of Yoga at Three Jewels NYC.