By Karuna

Another public display of violence, this time in Boulder. I was at that shopping complex less than 24 hours prior.

I am very sorry for the loss of life and the trauma sustained by everyone involved. My heart breaks for this community.

Upon some reflection, however there is important context to be explored. This violence happens daily all over the world. Individuals murder other individuals minute-to-minute. We as a country murder masses of people through war. The collective of humanity has decided to place profit over our animal friends and Mother Earth; causing them harm with little regard. We are all a part of this system.

We are all violent. It’s just to varying degrees.

What to do?

First, accept that we aren’t above violence. Feel our shared experience with these violent acts that play out in our lives. This is really important because when we are able to get into the sandbox with people instead of observing from the sideline, we can begin to understand them.

Understanding can lead to revolutionary personal transformation.

Second, work on your own stuff. Radical responsibility by each of us individually can create a society that is more thoughtful and less harsh. Mental illness, homelessness, and the violence experienced from birth to death exacerbates the tipping point for folks. Whether it’s in a mass shooting, numbing out with a bottle or porn, or inflicting harm on others in less drastic ways, our social environment affects us all.

Using kinder words first to ourselves and others leads to kinder actions, which leads to less conflict and greater peace, which makes our society a more enlightened place to live.

Third, learn how to do this! It’s not enough to create memes and share quotes. This learning how to be a kinder more productive person is a messy and worthwhile endeavor. For me it has been a lifelong journey, as kindness and compassion don’t come naturally to me; I am a fighter and I was a mean girl for most of my life. I have had to learn, practice, and fail miserably at how to be a kinder more openhearted person.

Someone telling me to act more nicely never ever began to help me change my behavior. Me leaning into our shared experience in this rough and tumble world and wanting to become a helper instead of a hurter was the impetus and that could only come from within me. Even if kindness is your jam, there’s always room for a greater expansion of your edge; your boundary of where the kindness ends and toward whom.

How do you learn to be kinder and more compassionate?

Through meditative and spiritual studies.

We can change the laws (please, it’s 2021 for Pete’s sake), but unless we are changing our individual and collective behavior on both a small and large scale, it doesn’t create the massive mind shift we’re being forced to see as necessary during these truly exceptional times.

Learn how to tap into your diamond body, diamond speech, and diamond mind.

Explore your relationship to your truth and the universe through inspirations and ancient practices designed to awaken and unbar your heart.

Tap into what you want to pick up and what you want to lay down on day one and we’ll check in all along the way. Find your heartfelt desire with diamond clarity and see what lands on the doorstep of your life!

Mourn the dead. Empathize with the traumatized. Sign the petitions. Pass the legislature.

As importantly (perhaps more importantly), start to clean up your own act. That’s the work of the Warrior.

How? The courses offered on Mind Oasis are designed to bring you tools and techniques you can use in any and every instance to choose kindness. Go to the Learn section and browse to your open heart’s delight!