Meet Lisa Feder, Author of A Year of Mindful Wellness: Twelve Months to Stress Less and Live More
October 17th at 7pm CT
60 minutes

MOBC and Author Spotlight is lightly facilitated by MO Founder Karuna. We’ll meet for 60 minutes to meditate, discuss, and enjoy a MO’ Conscious Community once a month!

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Lisa Feder – Thursday, October 17, 7-8 CT – A Year of Mindful Wellness: Twelve Months to Stress Less and Live More

This book provides the reader with practical advice to be more mindful in order to live more fully. There are many books about mindfulness; this book is different because it helps the reader build mindfulness into everyday activities in a way that is accessible, and ultimately, very liberating. The ideas and practices help readers to experience, create, and feel more. The ideas will provide freedom to do less and accomplish more, and to feel better and be healthier. Each chapter provides strategies for dealing with sources and symptoms of stress. As the reader progresses, he or she will recognize habits that keep them from being present and really enjoying life.With this new perspective, of moving through life with mindfulness, the reader will feel at home all the time, regardless of what he or she is dealing with.

Lisa Feder is the founder of Being Well Yoga, an Austin-based company that is dedicated to mindfulness in the workplace and brings corporate Yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops on-site to businesses, meetings and retreats. She started the business after 25 years in the corporate world, where she faced all the challenges of bringing wellness into a busy, corporate life. Yes, business and mindfulness can coexist in harmony and can uplift employee and business results!!

She also loves teaching public Yoga and meditation classes, and leads workshops and retreats in beautiful locations. Lisa uses Yoga and other mindfulness practices and philosophies to teach her students how to be more at ease, balanced and effective in their daily lives. Her training is eclectic and she has been influenced by many wonderful teachers, traditions, and experiences. She believes that everyone can benefit from these practices, which essentially teach us to live fully in the moment. Most of all, Lisa loves holding sharing the teachings of Yoga and mindfulness and holding space for her students to cultivate a sense of wellness in all areas of their lives.

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