By Dana Brown

Since the beginning of time, we’ve been obsessed with finding the Fountain of Youth. By now, we also know that it doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t stop the health and wellness industry from pushing billions of dollars worth of anti-aging products and fads. It can be easy to fall for them too because even if you’re comfortable with aging, no one wants to actually feel older. Instead of turning to expensive gimmicks though, try relying on budget-friendly, research-backed habits like the ones below.

Start a Meditation Practice 

When you sign up for a free basic membership with Mind Oasis and start meditating, you’ll get so much more than just a community. You will also gain access to powerful benefits that can slow down the aging process in your body and mind. 

French-US researchers found that participants in a study who meditated had much slower biological clocks than those that didn’t. That age delay was increased in those who had meditated for many years. If you want to see these benefits in your own life, follow along with Mind Oasis’s daily 30-minute meditations. 

Choose Clothing Mindfully 

Feeling a bit down about getting older? Try adding a pop of color to your wardrobe. While it may sound like fantasy, wearing certain colors can actually lift your spirits. Red is such a wonderful choice when you need warmth and energy, and blue is a go-to for peace and tranquility. 

Want to update your look but also don’t want to spend a small fortune? You can refresh your wardrobe with mood-enhancing colors for less by using a coupon or similar. That way you won’t have to feel blue about going over your budget. 

Find Escape From Stress 

Stress can also impact your mood, and as it turns out, stress can also age you faster—especially if you are a woman. John Hopkins researchers discovered a link between cognitive decline and chronic stress in older adults. The phenomenon was most prevalent in women but men should still be mindful of stress in their daily lives as well. 

Of course, the world is filled with so much worry right now that it can be tough to escape it. But free mediations can also help you find calm during uncertain and stressful times. Group meditation is especially potent for relieving stress. 

Fight Aging With a Healthy Diet 

Search the internet and you’re bound to come across a litany of fad diets that claim to keep you looking and feeling younger. If you want real results, however, you should make food choices that are backed by the medical and scientific communities. 

Feeling bloated and tired after meals? Fit more fiber into your diet with veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, and seeds. If the colder weather has you feeling down and older, you can try swapping refined carbohydrates for more whole grains. If you’re worried about costs, you can use these tips to eat healthier for less. 

Stay Young at Heart With Fitness 

Beyond diet, fitness can also preserve your health and heart as you age. When a university study recently looked at the hearts of active seniors, researchers were astonished at their findings. Fit seniors had hearts that were up to 30 years younger! 

A younger heart can mean more energy and, of course, more years added to your life. Best of all, most of these fit seniors relied on free exercise regimens, like running and cycling. This means that you don’t have to spend thousands on gym memberships or fitness classes to avoid feeling older. 

Maybe the Fountain of Youth doesn’t exist. Or maybe it’s been inside you all along. In reality, you make choices in your everyday life that can either make you feel older or younger. You have the power to preserve your youth, health, and wellness. From keeping up a daily meditation schedule to some mindful retail therapy and eating, choose healthy habits and you are guaranteed to feel and look better, no matter your age and budget. Start small with a five-day commitment to meditate with Mind Oasis today.

Photo Credit: Unsplash