Welcome to Mind Oasis!

I am super stoked you are here!  Mind Oasis is an authentic and friendly online gathering place for people both curious about and committed to practicing meditation in community.

If you’re looking to create a meditation practice that you look forward to each day, you’ve come to the right place.

Full disclosure: we have a lot of F-U-N at Mind Oasis.

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My name is Kelly Schwartz, but I go by Karuna. I’m the Founder and Executive Director of Mind Oasis.

Back in 2017, I was on a month-long meditation retreat in the desert of Arizona. Sometime around week three of sitting in an old airstream camper in blazing heat with only my mind as company, I was inspired to create an online meditation community. We launched Mind Oasis in 2018 for people like you and me, who are busy raising families, working long hours, living a full life, and still seeking some stillness and quiet.

Can’t wait to see you become a part of the Mind Oasis Community! See below for suggestions on where to start.


BONUS: We’ve put together a guide with some tips to help you meditate more consistently! However, if you really want to get this meditation party started, the best action you can take is to come to a Community Meditation™ session STAT…

Free Download: Five Tips For Developing a Consistent Meditation Practice

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