Sean currently lives in Neenah Wisconsin, where he has been a stay home dad for the last 7 years. He believes that meditation is a very powerful tool to help fend off the encroachment on our already over loaded minds of modern society and it’s perils.

This tool can help people to improve their mind-body connection and thus their overall health. Sean has been described as being kind-hearted, compassionate, funny/silly and witty, with a  sense of humor, generous, reliable/loyal.  And his teaching style reflects these qualities. Sean has spent most of his life in the outdoors,  working and recreating, as such, has become a way of life for him.  He also spends his time with his 3 kids, cooking, gardening, learning new things and satisfying his curiosity. Sean has been a student in the Mind Oasis Intensive Study Program since September 2020, and is continuing to learn and gather as much knowledge as possible.

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