Rebecca is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in private practice. She joined Mind Oasis’s Meditation Immersion in September 2021 in hopes of taming her unruly mind. She got hooked almost immediately, and in January 2022, she temporarily closed her practice in order to take an even deeper dive into shamatha meditation and Buddhist studies. Though she still considers herself a “newbie guide,” she loves guiding Community Meditation on Tuesdays at noon and hopes you will join her!


Rebecca has called many places home, including Milwaukee/Racine, Tucson, Dallas, the Chicago burbs, and a little village in the middle of England called Solihull. Currently, she lives on the north side of Chicago (Lincoln Square) with her husband, two youngest children, and a super adorable mini poodle mix named Luna.


Rebecca also enjoys reading, international travel, nature, music, disc golf, and capoeira.

Community Meditation Schedule