Natalie lives in Blanco, Texas. She is a yoga and mediation teacher, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, mother and woman trying to live an authentic life.

Meditation has a ripple effect of compassion. Sitting with yourself offers valuable insight, which, in my experience, leads to more self-compassion. More self-compassion leads to more compassion for others and more compassion for fellow humans leads to a more loving, kind, open-hearted world.

Natalie offers long moments of silence with simple instructions sprinkled in. I like to start with movement, breathing and centering then allow the practitioner to feel into the present moment through their own experience. In the moments of stillness and silence is where we all find ourselves again and again.

She loves to practice yoga, cook, hike, ride my bike, take my dog for walks and enjoy simple moments with my children. Also she loves to be outside and beautifying her house and yard.

For 12 years Natalie has been teaching and studying yoga, buddhism and meditation for 16 years. She recently received a certification to teach meditation from Mind Oasis.

She loves when aha moments on the cushion or yoga mat come with into awareness. The intertwining of practice and life give so much joy, heartache and areas for growth.

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