The Pandemic led Michele to Mind Oasis.  She says that if you told her a year ago that she’d be leading meditation, she would have laughed.  She is very humbled by this experience and is so happy to share herself with others.  Michele loves life, people and to laugh.  She is a dog person, plant person, writer, and very creative.  She loves people and makes friends easily.  She always chooses the positive path and thinks that being alive is wonderful, even when things go wrong.  Michele lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her Rhodesian Ridgeback Treasure, her seventh Ridgeback and first girl in a line of six boys who are now waiting for her on the other side.  She is a writer and loves to make homemade cards.  She has also transformed herself by losing over 80 pounds in 2020 and is determined to continue on this quest to finally win her battle with food and to handle it in the real world in a healthy way.  She is an early riser and says that since establishing her practice, poetry has been flowing out of her in the wee hours.  She says that she has evolved through meditation, taking care of herself and that she has never been happier in her life!  Michele says she feels compelled to inspire others.  Please participate in her meditation session to share in her happy and grateful perspective on life.

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