Michael is a New York City advertising executive turned meditation teacher and astrologer.

He believes anyone that can meditate (which means everyone, without exception) can find a more meaningful experience of life. He opens each meditation session with check ins to see what’s happening with participants, either on or off the cushion, and then generates a practice to address what’s happening in the field on personal, collective, and astrological levels.

Michael has been studying meditation and dharma since 2016 under the guidance of Dr. John Churchill. He’s completed a 300-hour teacher training with Michael Hewett and Gina de la Chesnaye (2018), a 200-hour teacher training with Hector Marcel and Coco Korniczky (2019), 50-hour retreat trainings with Alan Wallace (2018) and Rose Erin Vaughn (2019), and the entire 18-course Asian Classics Institute dharma training with Hector Marcel (2018-2020).

When he’s not guiding meditation, he loves to ride a bike up and down the East River while listening to music. Travel, writing, reading, swimming, and exercise keep him sane. Michael currently lives in the East Village of NYC with his cat, Jason Catpaw. You can follow his musings on dharma and astrology on instagram @mikemcswain.

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