Kimber is an Embodied Resiliency and Trauma Educator who firmly believes in the power of stillness; quieting the mind and body in order to hear the universal truth, our own internal interoception and insight, and the voice of God that we can all tune into. Meditation and other mindfulness can be one avenue into this stillpoint.  The more individuals who reach this stillness and can begin to bring it off the mat into their lives, the more we can all begin to interact with one another from equanimity, love, and a deep, calm, abiding respect.
Kimber has a safe soothing and voice.  She builds a strong container for her students and then allows them the opportunity to choose when, where and how to explore their own inner worlds through radical self-choice.  She has a personal commitment to making all people feel safe and welcome in her classes and openly encourages feedback on how to make this happen.
She leads meditation from a trauma-informed foundation, encouraging individuals to take care of their own needs through radical choice, empowering them to find the practice position that works for them, move when they need to, and gently shift their attention when it provides the greatest sense of safety and support in each moment. She recognizes that there can be safety without the feeling of safety and that security is not actively present for all people. Inequity in environments due to poverty, racism, colonialism, historical violence and interpersonal violence can interfere with one’s ability to regulate their nervous system.  While meditation is one of the best ways to help us regulate, it can also provide unique challenges to the meditator who has experienced trauma or extreme stress. Kimber will encourage you to find safe states of being and to develop these moments into ongoing safe traits through continued practice. She encourages you to use senses other than the breath for your anchor if the breath is activating for you.
Kimber loves to be in or anywhere near the water.  The salty ocean calls her to fish, swim, or kayak in it or to hike near and around it.  Her quietest moments are on the boat, in Prince William Sound with her husband.  Kimber also loves to travel and will go just about anywhere, anytime, and for any reason.  She has been to Australia in the hottest summer months and to Barrow, Alaska in the coldest wind-swept winter months. She is an avid reader, a lover of all things knowledge and a lifelong learner.  She sees herself as a student of life and is forever seeking.  Kimber is certified as a Trauma Conscious Yoga teacher (RYT-200, TCYM), a Qigong instructor, and an Advanced Trauma-Informed Mindfulness teacher. Kimber has received Advanced Professional Training through the Center for Mind Body Medicine and is certified as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and a Professional Life Coach. Her meditation teacher training was obtained through Mind Oasis.
At her core, Kimber believes, and knows from deep personal experience, that self-care must be the center of any work we do with other people.  It is central to any healing practice and paramount to our own grounding and health. She has come to embody the practices that she teaches, so that she can remain committed and centered, a good place to start anything.

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