Kim lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She has been practicing meditation and yoga on and off for 5 years and recently completed the 300 hour Meditation Teacher Intensive on Mind Oasis.  Kim spends most of her free time dancing, cooking and baking. Kim is passionate about sharing with the community and raising awareness of special needs especially within the food pantry system knowing how hard it can be to have to follow a special diet on a low income.  She loves plants, gardening and overall being outside (especially by water) when it’s warm. Kim has a soft spot for horseback riding and rode hunter/jumpers competitively for about 30 years and loved it. Kim is very close with her friends, parents and sister and tries to make sure everyone feels like family.  Being chronically ill and neurodiverse, she brings a unique and fresh perspective to the yoga and meditation community that can sometimes be hard to find. Kim describes herself as a giant nerd who loves Harry Potter and who is a quirky, compassionate and loyal person.  

The driving force behind  Kim’s journey to teach meditation is because meditation has always been hard for her. In the past, she hated it because the teachers didn’t take into account people like her and she felt unwelcome, unheard and frustrated. She wants to change that and make meditation feel comfortable and welcoming  for anyone so they can have the best experience possible.  Her main focus on being on Mind Oasis is because she truly believes everyone needs and deserves a break from the overwhelming world, and feels meditation is a valuable tool to use. However,  if someone repeatedly has a negative inaccessible experience with meditation, it doesn’t matter how valuable a tool it is – they won’t do it.  That’s what she hopes to change. 

Kim wants to be inclusive and offer a variety of practice options because often times traditional meditation is extremely hard for people with chronic pain and illness. She feels it’s important for everyone to feel empowered to meditate in the position and ways it’s best for their unique bodies and minds.  Kim hopes to provide a framework that will help anyone, including people like her,  that may have previously felt that yoga & meditation isn’t for them, to be able to drop into the benefits of meditation and have it be a safe retreat for whomever they are, wherever they are, however they are in that moment. Creating a space that doesn’t ignore the pain or challenges but helps them to exist with it, and be able to feel that while in meditation even for those brief moments they are totally ok just as they are.  Kim feels it is important to teach from her own experiences and in her own voice and hopes everyone finds her sessions to be a welcome safe place to land and hopes to be the type of teacher for others she herself was looking for. 

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