Katherine is a Psychiatric RN, Yoga Instructor, Yoga of Recovery Instructor, AcroYoga International Instructor.

Through meditation, individuals can know “truth” through the direct experience of observing the breath continuously. As one returns to the breath again and again, one begins to see reality for what it is, and not what one would like it to be. This practice of meditation and observing the breath, allows for realizing truth at the deepest levels of our mental structure and healing at the deepest levels of our consciousness. As an individual heals and grows in consciousness and love one breath at a time, this contributes to healing of the universal consciousness and this is powerful.

Katherine’s instructions are influenced by over 10 years of personal practice with Thich Nhat Hanh’s monastics and this lineage of mindfulness and loving kindness as well as completing Goenka’s insight meditation courses and practicing in this lineage, and more recently completing the first inaugural intensive at Mind Oasis under Karuna’s teachings and guidance. Katherine likes to offer key elements for meditation instruction, with a few words of wisdom and inspiration and then allow for a significant amount of silence to allow for the practitioner to have their own personal direct experience with their natural pure breath and moving deep within to realize truth. Katherine’s hope is that the practitioners will discover an increasing sense of wholeness and peace as a result of their efforts.

Katherine enjoys connecting with nature and plant consciousness such as gardening, wild foraging, hiking and camping, and she loves to explore a wide variety of movement practices, such as yoga, qi gong, acroyoga, slacklining, running and biking.

Katherine has a personal practice of meditation of over 10 years and is a certified yoga, yoga of recovery, and acroyoga instructor which all include elements of meditation and breath work, and as well as just completing the first Mind Oasis meditation intensive.

Katherine has over 11 years of sobriety as a recovering addict and has found that the eleventh step of meditation has been invaluable. She has incorporated a wide variety of healing modalities in her life such as movement practices, nutrition, art/nature therapy, healing touch therapy, etc, but meditation by far has proven to be the most beneficial for her on her path of “walking her own truth” in recovery. “Be still and know.” True recovery is coming home to reality as it is, and making peace with reality as it is, not as she would like it to be and she does not think this would be possible without a meditation practice.

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