Jeannine lives in New York City, where she teaches Meditation, Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. She believes these practices and wisdom traditions are tools for meaningful change in our world and should be shared with ALL and is dedicated to creating meaningful access. Jeannine loves to share these practices with others to help them through difficult times, build positive relationships with themselves, and reach their highest potential.

In addition to providing access to all to meditation through Mind Oasis, Jeannine also currently volunteers as the Director of the Outreach Department at Three Jewels, in NYC, where she teaches and manages yoga and meditation programming at various non-profits throughout NYC, serving students that would not normally have access to these practices, due to socio-economic and other barriers. When she is not teaching, she is working as a Supervising Attorney in the Tenant Defense Practice at The Legal Aid Society, Bronx Neighborhood Office, preventing evictions of Bronx tenants and helping create stability in their lives.
Jeannine lives with her husband and their hound-mix Loxi. When they are not serving others, they love to go exploring the city and enjoying its beauty…and brunches!

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