Deidre, also known as DeeDee, is from Verona, Wisconsin where she is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Fine Artist. DeeDee recently became a Mind Oasis meditation guide. Her upbringing was encouraged with creativity and music, doing art projects with her mother and helping her mother with craft shows, which led her down the creative career path. Art and being creative feeds her soul. She enjoys sharing her enjoyment of art with others.  

DeeDee has practiced yoga for 7 years, and became very serious with her practice in 2021 when she enrolled in the Mind Oasis Yoga Immersion. While in the Yoga Immersion, she discovered the many benefits of meditation, and decided to enroll in the Meditation Immersion that Mind Oasis also offers. It felt almost serendipitous to her how all these steps aligned with one another because they all complement each other. She believes that meditation is very similar to art… anyone can do it, if they sit down and just do it. The more you practice, the more natural it becomes. 

DeeDee enjoys guiding meditation because she enjoys holding a safe space for community, sharing the many benefits of meditation, and getting to meet all the wonderful people that come to her sessions. 

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