Allison Joy is a new mom, yoga teacher, meditation guide, and an Ayurveda and astrology enthusiast. She recently relocated to South Florida from New York City with her husband, Todd, newborn son, Cristiano, and dogs, Snoopy and Hova. She loves to cook and share plant-based food with family and friends.

Allison Joy says, ‘I teach because it is the best way I know how to serve humanity. Before accepting any teacher, examine their values, ensuring they align with your own. I practice as part of my moment-to-moment experience; yoga is my way of life. I choose teachers who model the way I want to be in the world and I continuously seek to learn what will be most helpful to those who ask for teachings.”

Allison Joy formally trained with many master teachers in Tantric, Vedic, Yogic, Buddhist and Hindu traditions and has completed several teacher training programs. With this deep experience, she teaches, leads training sessions, and has completed several meditation retreats that are sometimes silent, sometimes solitary. Recently, she made a pilgrimage to South India to pray and practice at the Navagraha planetary temples.

In her sessions, she guides to feel into the body, to connect with the breath, and dedicate your effort as preliminary practices. As the practice becomes steady and consistent we move into the space of the mind. Ethics and morality are the basis for all that she shares when teaching.

“Meditation leads us to see our common humanity. It helps us to release the illusion of ‘the other’; to quit dividing into ‘us and them’. Universal adoption of meditation will lead to world peace, the end of poverty, and equality and equity for all beings everywhere. Thank you for practicing!”

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