Individual & Monthly Giving

Individual donations are the single largest source of funding for Mind Oasis.

Monthly donations are especially helpful and really add up!

Your gift is powerful. Giving is flexible and easy.

Become a Heavily Meditated donor. Provide the most reliable means of support with a monthly donation that continues until changed or canceled.

Monthly donors of $20 + enjoy exclusive benefits that include:

    • One-on-one meditation coaching upon sign up (value $75)
    • Access to an annual online retreat (value $450)
    • One coupon annually for workshop/series of choice (value $80- 160)
    • 10% off all classes, workshops, and series
    • Access to daily sessions on Community Meditation
    • Access to 1000s of recorded meditations exclusive only to monthly donors

It’s easy – click the Donate Button above – and then simply tick the box that says “Monthly” for the Donation Frequency and input the amount you’d like to give each month!


Become a sponsor of Community Meditation

We are looking for one business or person to sponsor each month of Community Meditation. Community Meditation is the heart and soul of Mind Oasis. Each day we serve up multiple opportunities to come together in online group meditation. Group meditation is an exceptionally potent practice as it helps to build unity and friendship that surpasses boundaries, while providing participants a touchstone for a consistent meditation practice. The cost of sponsorship is $1,000 for a month of support.

There are many fun ways to engage a sponsorship:

  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or other milestone
  • Remember someone special
  • Promote your business

Car Donations

Donate your car and support Community Meditation!

People can claim some pretty unique tax deductions at the end of the year. For example, if you have a pet… there are tax breaks for hiring a pet for security and even feeding a cat on your lunch break. But if you don’t have a pet … or aren’t convinced you’d qualify for pet-related deductions … you could also get a deduction by donating a vehicle to Mind Oasis!

Planned Giving

Plan a Gift to Connect Future Generations of Meditation Practitioners

Plan a gift to ensure that Mind Oasis can continue to be a global resource for anyone wishing to befriend their mind in an online community for decades and centuries to come. Real Estate, life insurance, stocks, and more are all wonderful ways to leave a legacy gift.