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Mind Oasis Program Manager
Remote / Contract

About Mind Oasis
Mind Oasis (a 501c3 nonprofit) is a warm, welcoming, vibrant online meditation community founded in 2017. Our mission is to share the timeless benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices with people worldwide. Our organization provides gathering spaces and connection for any person who is interested in meditation, mindfulness, and the contemplative arts. Mind Oasis is uniquely positioned to achieve its vision as an oasis of compassion and a potent antidote to stress and isolation. Our organization operates as a co-created community, with a range of accessible online and in-person offerings, that has created a global space of well-being. Our offerings include daily live online guided meditation sessions, fee-based classes, engaging content like blogs and podcasts, as well as virtual and in-real life events.

Job Summary
Mind Oasis is experiencing tremendous growth. As such, we are looking for a driven, high-energy, and organized individual to join our team as Program Manager. This is a contract position for $26,000/year. Non-negotiable. You can enroll in any classes, workshops, series, and/or the annual meditation immersion for free as a part of your contract. The Program Manager will report to the Chief Operating Officer and will be supported by a volunteer team.

Mind Oasis is celebrating five years of successfully delivering meditation programs in virtual space. To this end, we are looking to grow both our signature program, Community Meditation and our fee-based programs. This individual will strategize, execute and deliver all aspects of both programs with support from the Mind Oasis team.

The ideal candidate is both a self-starter and loves paying attention to detail. You must understand and feel passionate about sharing meditation and the contemplative arts with the world. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and be comfortable working both independently and in a team. You must be able to take high-level ideas and distill them into steps that you can enthusiastically implement. Solid infrastructure exists for both programs, but the opportunity exists to both grow and improve on these systems in order to support an increased number of participants and revenue. You must be comfortable working with technology (Google Suites, Thinkific, Mighty Networks, Whatsapp, etc.).

The Program Manager must conduct themselves in a friendly, professional manner and enjoy connecting with others, as a critical part of this role is developing long term relationships with contract teachers. The ideal person will also have experience with online events and some marketing knowledge. There is the potential for this to become a full-time job in 2023.

Both Community Meditation and Companion Courses are areas that are expected to grow as we implement paid advertising in 2022. Your schedule will be flexible, but you must have some availability on nights and weekends according to the event schedule.

About Companion Courses
Well-qualified instructors offer workshops and series on a variety of topics via the Mind Oasis platform. Tiered-pricing and scholarships make these specialized courses affordable and accessible to anyone. Recordings are provided when a session can’t be attended live. In 2022, Mind Oasis has procured funding to grow this area through paid advertising.

For Companion Courses, the Program Manager is responsible for:

Finding and recruiting the right teachers to offer teachings at the right time on Mind Oasis. You’ll help to find teachers who want to partner for the long term and commit to being involved in our community to help grow their audience. You’ll help to co-create the content and with promotion; giving them tools to drive promotion. Mind Oasis has a robust list of prior partners to choose from as well.

Teacher and Course Intake
Working with the teacher on their RFP, bio, and headshot.

Teacher Relations
Fielding questions.
Training on procedures and technology.
Helping teachers promote their offering; giving them tools to do so.
Working with the teacher to make sure they feel supported and that this is a team effort!

Prepping Course/Promotion
Managing the volunteer team that puts the course up.
Creating notifications, collateral, social postings, and other relevant communications for promo.
Monitoring registrations and course correcting along the way.

Post-Course Tasks
Engaging the Evergreen process if desired.
Tracking sales and initiating payout.
Archiving finished courses.
Sending course surveys to participants and the teacher.

About Community Meditation
Community Meditation is a program that consists of daily live online 30-minute guided meditation sessions with a well-qualified teacher (our fleet is 36 teachers strong!). This is the heart of what we do at Mind Oasis, and helps us to accomplish our mission to share the timeless benefits of meditation and mindfulness to people worldwide. This program has been offered for free as a service to our global community since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March 2020. We anticipate charging a small fee starting in 2022. This program is more than just meditation; building community is a crucial component. We believe that this is a potent antidote to loneliness, a key factor in the mental health crisis our country is facing. With the launch of our Mighty Network it is an exciting time for growing community in myriad ways at Mind Oasis!

For Community Meditation, the Program Manager is responsible for:

Job Duties and Responsibilities
With the executive team, setting annual goals for participation – # of participants and revenue.
Develop and implement strategy to meet goals with support from the leadership team, using:
Using paid advertising,
Organic growth strategies,
Mighty Networks,
Engagement strategies,
Nurturing channels
Conduct annual member survey.
Manage Community Meditation Coordinator who
Acts as the main point of contact for team of 20+ teachers
Manages the Community Meditation team Mighty Network group
Manage sub requests and assist with finding substitutes when necessary
Send weekly team newsletter to inform teachers of upcoming events, weekly promotions, etc
Plan agenda for and run monthly team meetings, send notes/recording after meeting
Update tracking spreadsheet weekly
Manage collection of W-9s and team agreements and update yearly
Plan a yearly calendar with engagement opportunities for new and current members, including bi-monthly ‘Mix & Mingle’ events/coordinate in conjunction with the Community Meditation Coordinator
Attend monthly Staff and Community Meditation teacher meetings
Attend monthly meetings for Community Meditation committee, take notes, then implement ideas that come from meetings
Track monthly growth of program and submit to COO and ED
Create monthly report for Board of Directors
Attend Mind Oasis events and be an active member of our community

To Apply
Submit resume and letter of interest to jobs@mindoasis.org. Reports to Chief Operating Officer. One direct report.