Mind Oasis and Unscripted Heart Partner to Deliver Mindfulness Curriculum in Schools to Reduce Effects of Stress in Teachers and Students

In response to the children’s mental health crisis, as declared by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Mind Oasis (MindOasis.org), a 501c3 nonprofit, and Unscripted Heart (unscriptedheart.com) are partnering to deliver science-backed mindfulness techniques in elementary schools across the nation. 

Toxic stress in the classroom is a public health crisis affecting adults and children alike. It is creating an environment that isn’t conducive to learning. According to the Centers for Disease Control, between March and October 2020, ER visits for mental health emergencies rose by 24% in children ages 5-11. Further, teacher burnout is creating staff shortages in the public school system. 

“This partnership will allow us to build on our past success to bring mindfulness tools based in brain science into more elementary schools. These transformational tools address both teacher burnout and the dysregulated nervous systems of students,” explains Lacey Melguizo, Founder of Unscripted Heart. “For the past five years Unscripted Heart has successfully implemented our mindfulness-based curriculum and leadership training in five schools. Through these school-wide programs, we have positively impacted the lives of thousands of students, teachers, and parents.” 

Kathy Goecke, a principal of one of the participating elementary schools explains, “This mindfulness program has changed the fabric of our school. It has gifted students who could not regulate their behavior a valuable tool to calm their brains and gain control over their actions.”