By bringing affordable meditation classes and practices as well as a nourishing community right into my home, Mind Oasis has truly been a blessing! — Jane C.

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At the end of the series, you will have all the tools necessary to sit with confidence no matter what arises during your practice. With a consistent practice, you will find these skills extend into your life off the cushion as well.

If you’re ready to really amplify your practice (and your life!), we suggest that you join Community Meditation.

Community Meditation is Mind Oasis’ signature online group meditation program. Each session is live, guided, and interactive.

The 30-minute sessions help folks establish and maintain a consistent, rooted meditation practice.

Our guides are experienced and well-qualified to help you move forward on your own personal meditation journey.

That’s what Community Meditation is for. A moment in your day to drop in with real human beings, with the same human hearts and fears and damn difficult human problems. We sit with it all—together.

Community Meditation can help a beginner get started or a seasoned practitioner find connection and expand their practice.

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