When you are aware of all that has been given to you…it is hard not to be humbled, and pleased to give back.” Anne Lamott

Y’all 2020 has been ROUGH!

Together, we have ridden some of the wildest waves many of us have ever experienced before in our lives. As both meditators and compassionate people, we have experienced disconnect, isolation, fear, and loneliness.

We have quite literally lost our breath this year with the pandemic, widespread wildfires, plus police brutality and social injustice… we ALL have been through A LOT. But we want to remind you that together we endure and together we will recover.

As we surface for air at the end of 2020, let’s make 2021 the year of reconnection.

The world needs compassionate people like YOU to step up in compassionate action.

  • How are you showing up for our global community?
  • Are you caring for yourself?
  • How does your practice ripple out into your day?

As many of you know, Community Meditation is the heart and soul of Mind Oasis. The benefits of meditation abound — greater empathy, calm, and space to respond instead of reacting.

Mind Oasis needs compassionate people like YOU to continue to offer this free community service into 2021 and beyond!

Online group meditation is a potent way to show up for other people and for yourself. Since the eruption of the pandemic, Mind Oasis removed many barriers to accommodate more Community Meditation practitioners such as: free membership, multiple opportunities to practice each day, the ability to engage live with others before and after class, all the while keeping our teachers nourished and our members engaged.

No one else is doing this in the world. No one.

Your gift today supports the Community Meditation scholarship fund. It costs Mind Oasis $3,200 each month to run this potent and helpful program. Your contribution ensures we can continue to offer this free global community service into 2021 and beyond!

We have created an exciting new opportunity for 2021.

A Year of Compassionate Action is a monthly gathering that will take place on Sunday mornings after Community Meditation. Join Karuna and various special guests to step into and own your own embodiment of compassionate action. Each month we’ll do something a little different to keep this experience fresh and helpful. You can expect guest teachers, group discussion, new tools for your compassion toolbox, and a vibrant community of mindful meditators to learn with and from.

To gain access to this juicy new series, donate at least $100 to this year-end fundraiser. You’ll be drawing a line in the sand that 2021 is the year you’re leaning into compassionate action while supporting our mission to bring the timeless benefits of meditation to practitioners worldwide.