Elizabete Gomes

Elizabete has over 20 years of personal meditation practice, has completed extensive training and studies in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism under the Asian Classics Institute. She is also a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, a Licensed Acupuncturist, is trained in the Hakomi method and has done 12 years Tai Chi training.

Lena Golden

Lena Golden lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she has decades of experience as an artist, aesthetician, energy healer, and owner of a successful spa. Lena has found that her meditation practice helps her work as an artist. Through resting her mind and turning to a state of inward consciousness, she has found increased creative clarity. Lena helps her clients achieve the same mental and emotional clarity through guided meditation experiences.

Lena began meditation and prayer classes as a young child and applied her learnings to her equestrian practices. Visualization was an important technique that helped Lena win equestrian competitions at the state and national level.

Over the past year, Lena has strived to further develop her meditation practice. She has studied with Karuna, the Founder and Executive Director of Mind Oasis. From those meditation experiences, Lena has found spaciousness, clarity, inspiration, spirituality, and peace.

Natalie Hain


Natalie lives in Blanco, TX. She is a yoga and meditation teacher as well as Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant.

Natalie feels that meditation is a way for each person to bring more compassion to their lives. When we begin with ourselves this effect ripples into the our global community.

Natalie’s classes focus on the breath and working with welcoming all thoughts and sensations. Each class will also have plenty of quietude with minimal interruption.

Natalie loves to practice yoga, hike, play games with her family, cook healthy food and read.

She has been teaching yoga for a decade and in that time has learned much on how to meditate through years of personal practice and experience.

Listen to a 25-minute guided meditation with Natalie (Google Drive).

Anne McCready Heinen

Anne McCready Heinen is a dedicated meditation practitioner who completed the 300-hour Dakini Meditative Meditation Teacher Training in 2017. In 2018, she earned certificates in Mindful Schools’ Educator Essentials for teaching mindfulness to youth, and iRest yoga nidra meditation teacher training Level I. In addition to studying Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, mindful self compassion, and Qi Gong, Anne enjoys time in nature.



Karuna is the Founder and Executive Director of Mind Oasis.

She believes in the power of meditation to help us lead more engaged, humorous, and joyful lives.

It is her passion and dream to see 1,000,000 meditators come through the virtual doors of Mind Oasis in the very near future. You can expect humor, ferocity, and grounded instruction from her classes.

When she isn’t meditating or building the Mind Oasis community, you can find her climbing or hiking in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and dogs!

Karuna completed the 300-Hour Dakini Meditative Teacher Training with Kelly Lindsey in 2017.

Listen to a 26-minute guided meditation with Karuna (Google Drive).

Allison Joy Phillips

Allison Joy teaches meditation and yoga for vitality, power, and optimal performance. She practices to restore energy, revitalize the body, and rejuvenate the mind. Allison Joy offers one-on-one instruction, Ayurvedic Astrology counseling sessions, and Yantra readings both online and in-person.

AJP has completed several meditation retreats and over 1,000 hours of training with masters of meditation, yoga, and spiritual philosophy. She shares lineage-based wisdom that provides immediate, tangible results for today’s working professional. Her teaching style has been described as “ferocious compassion.”

Allison Joy has facilitated teacher trainings, opened yoga studios, curated wellness programs, and currently teaches privately in New York City and online. Off the cushion, she loves to be with her husband, Todd, and 2 dogs, Hova and Snoopy. The Phillips family is excited to welcome a baby boy in early 2020! Allison Joy is an environmentalist and considers going vegan the most powerful way an individual can impact climate change She enjoys discovering inventive plant-based cuisine and re-creating her favorite recipes at home.

Listen to a 25-minute guided meditation with Allison Joy (Google Drive).

Joseph Schwartz

Joseph Schwartz

Joseph lives in Colorado with his wife Karuna, and their two dogs, Ruby Rose and Stella Bean. He is somewhat of a renaissance man — an inventor, builder, writer, and artist. He shares a manual therapy process that combines kinesiology and neurology to recalibrate how we perceive our environment. Being of service and helping people feel more comfortable in their body is a gift he loves to share.

Medtiation is the place where we can notice how our mind contributes to our suffering, and the suffering of the world. When we are mindful of our own response to the world around us, we have an opportunity to make a change. If we can simply not add to the suffering of the world then the world can be a better place.

In Joseph’s class students will be led to create a foundation in observing their experience. This has three parts: 1) to arrive and take your seat or posture; 2) to settle in and notice the vehicle for the mind, our body; 3) to notice the quality of our breath. Each of these aspects have nuances. We will explore how those nuances influence our experience.

Joseph loves to experience movement in his body. He goes for long hikes with his family and takes in the beauty of the mountains. He expresses his creativity through dancing, swimming, and rock climbing.

Dana Wills


Dana recently relocated from Austin, Texas to Buena Vista, Colorado, a small river town with towering mountains, amazing weather and warm people. With this fresh transition, Dana is looking to reconnect with herself and with nature by spending most of her time in the outdoors – or at least with her windows fully opened most of the day! Dana sees her role in the world as connecting with people so that the ripples of compassion will carry out into the world.

Dana feels that by learning to slow down and listen to ourselves, we can do the same for others. Dana’s meditation classes have a similar cadence and vibe to gentle yoga. She emphasizes listening to your body and on consistency in practice. Dana loves being in nature — walking, biking, boating, doing yoga. Sharing conversation and meditative experiences with family and friends is very important in Dana’s life.

Dana completed her 300-hour meditation teacher training with Kelly Lindsey and her 500-hour yoga teacher training with Gioconda Parker.

Listen to a 28-minute guided meditation with Dana (Google Drive).