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First up on Thursday, July 16th at 7pm CDT (time zone converter)!

Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Healer Brenda Salgado presents, “Mindfulness, Indigenous Prophecy and Toltec Medicine in the time of COVID.”

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“We’re all part of a seven generations thing where we came from, seven generations who came before. And we are responsible to the seven generations that are coming, but yet unborn. And we’ve kind of lost we kind of are in this kind of Feeling that we create our world by ourselves right now, and that’s simply not true. We came from somewhere and we’re going somewhere. And so we’re in training to be good elders. And then when we’re elders, we’re in training to become good ancestors. And we have a lot of unhealthy ancestors that didn’t do their work, that lost their medicine, they lost connection to the earth and lost connection to spirit and ancestors. And so they did atrocious things that have to be dealt with energetically, spiritually. Otherwise, we’re going to keep recreating the same systems. So all of this is up for review and it’s coming up, so it can be healed in the same way, like if I had an infection in my arm and there was a lot of puss and tenderness here and I’d have to open that up and drain that puss out so that my body can heal that. We can’t get to the healthy body without healing the puss. And that’s what’s happening right now. There’s a lot of people becoming aware of racism in a way that has been very visceral and real to a lot of people for a long time. A lot of puss is visible that people haven’t wanted to look at.” — Brenda Salgado