Kicks off 2 August!

Whew! We are almost through the dog days of summer.

Did your daily meditation practice suffer as much as ours? We’re guessing it did given the attendance on Community Meditation during the month of July 😂 👀

It’s def mission-critical to take time to simply play, daydream, and to sleep in! But, it’s also important to recognize when you’ve moved from restoration to sloth-eration…

Channeling your inner sloth? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Starting on 2 August, Mind Oasis is offering you *and a friend* the opportunity to kickstart your medi practice with a 5-day reboot!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1 – Register for the Bring a Friend to Meditation week so that we can support you in your journey.  

2 – Then invite a friend!  Invitation and links are provided in your registration email…

3 – Decide which sessions you’ll be attending and place a reminder in your calendar.

We’ll send you a reminder to show up on August 2nd and will share a little rah rah and encouragement all along the way!

Need a little extra convincing? 

Check out the stats below about meditation and accountability.

“friends who meditate together — grow together”


All Your Favorite Community Meditation Teachers ❤️