Facilitated by Karuna 
September 2021 – June 2022
All classes are live, interactive, and online.

300 Hour – Advanced Meditation Immersion

What is an advanced meditation immersion? It is a 10-month journey to go more deeply into your practice using the advanced stages of meditation as elucidated by the Buddha, as well as mantra, mudras, visualization and contemplation.  Integrating modern meditative techniques, each month, we will make time to intensely explore a new stage or system.  

We’ll meet once/month for 2 hours to learn the new techniques. Students will then have a month to explore this leveling up in their personal practice. There will also be monthly opportunities to meet one:one with Karuna.

Students will commit to a daily 30-minute practice session with one day off/week. They will also commit to two weekend retreats plus a 7-14 day retreat.  Envisioned is a robust discussion and support group for students to learn from each other.  There will be a required reading list and the optional opportunity to meet together to discuss the readings. The group that gathers will determine how best to engage the reading.

Open only to students who have taken the Dakini Meditative Teacher Training, Three Jewels Meditation Teacher Training, Vessel Academy Training, and/or the Mind Oasis Meditation Immersion (formerly Intensive).  Haven’t yet taken one of these trainings? Learn more about the 2021 Mind Oasis Immersion here.

Required Reading:
The Mind Illuminated – Culadasa
Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body – Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson
Turning the Mind Into an Ally – Sakyong Mipham
Breathe You Are Alive (Anapanasati Sutta) – Thich Nhat Hanh

Monthly Schedule

6:30 – 8:30pm Central

September 20 – Opening Ceremony & Review Stages 0 – 4

October 18 – Stage 5

November 15 – Stage 6

December 13 – Advanced Walking Meditation

January 17 – Extended Retreats

February 21 – Stage 7

March 21 – Stages 8/9

April 18 – Mantra & Mudra

May 16 – Four Immeasurable Practices

June 13 – Closing Ceremony & Putting it All Together

Limited to 10 students.



Early Bird (before July 15th)


Training Breakdown 

Classroom Time

20 hours

Individual Practice Time

120 hours

Weekend Retreat

48 hours

7 – 14 Day Retreat

56 – 112 hours

Readings & Reflection

60 – 80 hours

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This 300-hour immersion will largely be facilitated — with the help of a few exceptional guest teachers — by Founder and Executive Director Karuna (Kelly Schwartz). Since January 2017, Karuna has amassed over 1500 hours of guiding meditations. She is a graduate of the 300-hour Dakini Meditative Teacher Training. In addition to a personal dedicated practice that includes many weeks in personal and group retreat, she has a one-month solo retreat under her belt. Despite the time spent on her cushion, Karuna is working with the vicissitudes of life just like everyone else. Her relatability and sense of humor are two reasons practitioners enjoy her guided meditations. It is her greatest desire to help all individuals amplify and align their life to live it to the fullest in each moment and each breath. When she isn’t working on Mind Oasis, you’ll find her on a trail in the Rocky Mountains hiking, running, or climbing with her amazing husband Joseph and beloved dogs: Stella Bean and Ruby Rose. When she isn’t on her own two wheels, you’ll find her riding her Indian Motorcycle: Snow Thunder.