Born & raised in Chicago, currently reside in Denver, CO. I am a visual artist, my passion is to paint & create anything with my hands. “I believe meditation has the power to allow one’s Self to truly become friends with themself. Once you fully accept yourself & love every part of you – the good & the bad, it is much easier to do so with other people. Ultimately, this would make a better, more loving world. ” “Loving kindness, openness and appreciation for the moment. Mairead really enjoys body scans and feeling the body being breathed. Mairead appreciates the silence so you can always expect some of that with an inspirational quote and or poem to close. ” Mairead has a giant green thumb, she loves herbs, plants and living in a jungle atmosphere. She also loves her Mini Aussie. You can find her creating something with her hands always. Watching the sun set is one of her favorite activities. Mairead is a certified meditation instructor through Mind Oasis, she completed a 300 hour certification. Mairead enjoys connecting with like minded individuals and really soaking in the present moment.

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