Lulu is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Psychology Major. She lives in the Hudson Valley, New York.
Lulu believes meditation can be a guide in healing individual traumas, which translates into healing the trauma of the community. The culmination of these efforts may lead to healing on a global scale. With Lulu as your guide, be prepared for tuning into the sensations of the body and breath, as well as adding reprogramming harmful thoughts into feelings of safety and ease. Lulu has acquired thousands of journal prompts and believes that “dumping” your thoughts out on a paper, no matter how ridiculous they seem, before practicing can help bring space between mind clutter and meditation.
Lulu is a volunteer for the Nachan Project which brings brings mindfulness-based practices to the women and children living in the Katwe and Kisenyi slums of Kampala, Uganda and trauma informed training to social workers, street counselors and caregivers in East Africa.
Lulu loves being a powerlifting athlete, and believes meditation can directly translate into being on the platform with heavy weights. She also enjoys doing challenging hikes, painting, and writing. She is also learning the sport of archery, axe throwing, and how to play the kalimba (finger piano). Her favorite self-care tool is the sauna.
Lulu has completed a private training with her teacher, Gina de la Chesnaye as well as the 2020 300-Hour Meditation Intensive with Mind Oasis.

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