Join us for a trip of a lifetime to Nepal – May 2021

Traveling to Nepal with Mind Oasis and Pangje Foundation was a transformative experience that I will be forever grateful for. Karuna and Brad put together a trip that fulfilled my 20 year dream of trekking in the Himalayas. They led us with care, compassion and many times with comedy! Our group laughed SO much. Brad is an incredible person. His knowledge of trekking in Nepal is phenomenal and his relationships with locals was genuine and invaluable. Karuna’s love for others, respect for Buddhist traditions and meditation instruction provided an anchor for us as we traveled throughout the country. Nepal is breathtaking, wild, magical, and its people radiate authenticity, kindness and peace. It will always be in my heart. — Leanna G.

2021 is a brand new year and a brand new era!

The quarantine has been lifted in Nepal and we’re finally ready to visit this profoundly beautiful welcoming country. Mind Oasis is heading to Nepal in May and we want you to join us. Adventure travel doesn’t happen without a little adventure.

If you’re healthy, have missed traveling, and are ready to transform the difficulties of 2020 into the light of possibility; join us to both trek and renew your spirit. We will spend many nights under the stars in tents and days walking in the countryside. Social distancing is built into this trip once you arrive!

Typically, we call this annual pilgrimage to Nepal, a meditation retreat and trek. In our experience there is a natural spiritual unfolding that just seems to happen once your feet hit the ground in Nepal.

But this year, we’re making the trip a little different and special. We all deserve it.

You are most welcome to simply enjoy the trek aspect of the trip and if you’d like, the daily meditation practices and intention setting under Karuna’s guidance. But if your spirit has been left depleted by many months of the pandemic, restricted travel, and political and social unrest, then we encourage you, regardless your inclination, to join us also in an exploration of the iconography of the Buddhist stupa and how to use these majestic and holy structures to inform both your inner and outer spirit!

The month prior to our touch down in the expansive and interesting city of Kathmandu, we will meet under Karuna’s guidance once/week via Zoom, to learn about the iconography of the Buddhist stupa. We’ll start by studying the intricate symbolism that can be found in the architecture of stupas. Then we’ll explore archetypes of the five Buddha families in relation to the stupa. Finally, we’ll engage a bit of a divination to see which of the Buddha families we most personally connect to in order to better understand ourselves and our life. If you find this month-long exploration informative, you can then interweave these teachings on your trek, all with a lot of support from Karuna!

If you’re inclined, you can spend the afternoon of our first full day in Kathmandu at the most profound of all stupas — the Boudhanath Stupa. The Boudhanath Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the largest in the world. Legend says it may contain a relic of Siddharta Gautma, the Buddha himself. We’ll engage in the traditional exercise of circumambulating this most precious holy place, we’ll have a short Dharma talk and meet up for treats afterwards (socially distanced and masked up), before heading to a private intimate puja ceremony to bless our trek.

Karuna will be offering a vow ceremony that evening if you’d like to create a sacred container for your trekking experience. You are welcome to take any or all of the five precepts for as short or as long of a duration as you prefer. She’ll guide you through what it means to take a vow, why on earth you might take a vow, and how vows can bring you ultimate freedom. She’ll be available to answer questions all along the way!

The five precepts are commitments to abstain from things that hurt others, like killing living beings and such. It is perfectly legit to pick and choose only one to work with. We’ll explore all five and you can decide which resonate with you. You do not have to be a Buddhist to engage these vows for any period of time you decide.

Every morning, we’ll have an opportunity to meditate and to reconnect with our inner teacher and the five Buddha families, as well as any vows you wish to engage. At the end of our trek, we will engage together in a beautiful fire puja to seal in the blessings of our journey and to celebrate!

Under the expertise of our guide, Brad Clement of Pangje Foundation, we’ll experience parts of Nepal that most of us in the west, will never see. We will walk where the snow leopards play and engage the local communities along the way. Every aspect of this trip has been carefully planned and curated under Brad’s many years guiding and trekking in Nepal, to bring you an epic transformative experience.

2021 may very well prove to be an amazing moment in time to travel and experience Nepal.

Ready for extraordinary bliss? Space is extremely limited and filling up. Email Karuna to learn more and place your deposit.

In far west Nepal lies a remote valley very few outsiders know. The Nyinba Valley is a gorgeous mountainous realm, steeped in ancient Tibetan culture and lore. Experiencing a fraction of tourism that the central and eastern regions of Nepal witness, this will be a truly unique time as we visit villages, travel through untouched mountains, and spend time in and around culturally significant monasteries and other places of interest. Enjoy 8 nights in tents, with an awesome support staff, cook crew, and new friends.

Join us for a multi-week trek to Nepal starting 1 May 2021.  This is the second trip to Nepal in partnership with Pangje and Mind Oasis. From Kathmandu; we are flying, driving, and trekking to where the snow leopards play — well off the normal tourist grid. Our guide is Brad Clement – the Founder and Executive Director of the Pangje Foundation. A professional mountaineer and guide for 20 years, with over 18 expeditions to the Himalaya, Brad is also a badass climber and good friend to Mind Oasis. Karuna, Founder and Executive Director of Mind Oasis, will be leading the retreat aspects of meditation, Dharma talks, and a service project for Pangje – a nonprofit organization committed to helping snow leopards and the local communities where snow leopards live and roam.


Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel. Overnight KGH.

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing. Overnight KGH.

Day 03: Flight to Nepalgunj. Overnight Nepalgunj hotel.

Day 04: Nepalgunj – Simikot Flight and Trek to Torpa / Vimuk (2900m)

Day 05: Trek to Samrmuthang (3200m)

Day 06: Trek to Lungbuk via Lai Gonba (3030m)

Day 07: Trek to Gyap Tso (3850m)

Day 08: Trek to Raling Gompa Monastery (3550m)

Day 09: Rest day – Raling Gompa Monastery

Day 10: Trek to Nyimatang (3010m)

Day 11: Trek to Kharpunath (2300m)

Day 12: Trek to Simikot (2910m)

Day 13: Fly back to Nepalgunj then to Kathmandu. Overnight KGH.

Day 14: Rock climbing and/or Nature Exploration at the Nagarjun Forest Reserve – Kathmandu. Overnight KGH.

Day 15: Final departure

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Cost of Trip: $6,300

$1,000 Deposit reserves your spot.  Balance is due 15 February 2021.*
If you would like to be billed monthly – Mind Oasis is happy to accommodate you!

Payment Options

*$1,000 reserves your spot and is a refundable deposit ONLY for COVID travel reasons. Not if a person contracts COVID, but rather if we can’t fly or travel to Nepal because of COVID based on international and country specific mandates. Final payment is due 70 days prior to May 1. Typically it is 90 days, but due to COVID, we’re waiting until closer to the travel dates. Final payment is not refundable, unless we cancel the trip due to COVID restrictions. This year we are requiring participants to purchase trip cancellation insurance and can provide the name of two excellent companies that *will* cover costs if you contract COVID and cannot travel.

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Snow Leopard sightings are not guaranteed, but tracks and scat are!

Nar Phedi Gompa
Nar Phedi Gompa
Nar Phedi Gompa
Nar Phedi Gompa
Nar Phedi Gompa
Nar Phedi Gompa
Nar Phedi Gompa
clement pokhara boats
From Kang La
Annapurna from Kang La