cindy lee

Cindy Lee
Sundays, September 8 – October 27, 2019
8-Week Series
7pm-9pm CT

LOJONG or mind-training, is a provocative practice that flourished in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Perfect for those of us living actively out in the world, these pithy and direct aphorisms get straight to the point and strike at the heart of transforming our habitual reactions into awakened action. Let’s explore together – through study, practice and discussion – the 7-Point Lojong (Geshe Chekawa), a challenging yet potentially powerful technique for developing the heart and mind to promote more meaningful living and loving in this wild world.

CLASS 1: Turning the Mind Toward Truth
Start where you are: Four foundational practices essential for Lojong

CLASS 2: Cultivate the Ultimate
Start with who you truly are: Open up to openness

CLASS 3: Unborn and Illusory
Child of Illusion: Open, spacious and relaxed

CLASS 4: Tong Len
Triple Threat: Three objects, obstacles and origins

CLASS 5: Transform Adversity into Awakening
Turn the ship around: Alchemy, acceptance and assurance

CLASS 6: Synthesis
Five Powers for life and death

CLASS 7: Success
Playing the long game

CLASS 8: Slogans
The placards the matter

Each class will include a talk, meditation, discussion time and optional exercises.

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Cindy Lee has studied and practiced Buddhism (mainly in the Tibetan tradition) for 25 years and has also undergone extensive training in the classical texts of yoga philosophy. After completing multiple solitary meditation retreats, Cindy has been teaching at group retreats and workshops around the world for over a decade and also leads smaller classes of in-depth sutra and tantra studies with her husband Brian K. Smith (Lama Marut). With a Bachelor’s degree in literature and Graduate Diploma in media, Cindy brings to her classes elements of visual expression, storytelling and theory that offers varied modes of inquiry into the teachings for participants of different proclivities for learning. For more information: