Becca Borrelli
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
7:30pm-9pm CT

Becca will guide us through a drawing session that applies Ten Principles of mindfulness towards personal creative practice. Used effectively in drawing, mindfulness can be the antidote to the creative critic in your head. We tend to think that being creative or artistic is contingent on producing a product we are proud of, when in fact, creative works are cultivated with practice, just like meditation and yoga.

In this session we will address ways to notice creative criticism as it arises, respond gently rather than react, and ultimately make art from a renewed space of clarity and intention.

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Becca has had first-hand experience with creative burnout, judgment and self-criticism. As a public school art teacher turned illustrator, she is passionate about sharing the practices that helped her meaningfully re-cultivate a sustainable artistic practice, as well as create safe space for beginners and seasoned makers to explore their art practice deeply and mindfully.