Karuna and Guest Teachers
September 2019 – March 2020
Applications are due July 15th
All classes are live, interactive, and online.

This 300-hour intensive is designed to amplify your practice and your life. With two-tracks (teacher training and personal growth), you can decide where you want to go on this journey. You can join from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are in the world, as all classes – including the opening retreat – are live and online. They are interactive – this is not a pre-recorded course. Real training. Real talk. Real people.

Teacher Training: If you’re looking to teach meditation, this intensive is designed to train and certify you as a meditation teacher that is well-qualified to teach live in-person or online classes, and/or guided recorded meditations. After eight-weeks of shoring up your personal practice, you’ll start your practicum teaching meditation on Community Meditation. At the end of March, you will receive a 300-Hour certificate of completion and it is our intention to provide you a place to teach on Mind Oasis if you so choose.

Personal Growth: If you simply want to reap the benefits of an intensive but aren’t sure if you want to become a teacher – this track is for you. You won’t have to decide for the first eight-weeks of the intensive, as both tracks will be engaged in the exact same activities up until this point. If at the end of the first eight-weeks you know that you don’t want to teach, then you will engage in attending classes taught by those in the Teacher Training and other classes offered on Mind Oasis rather than the practicum teaching opportunity via Community Meditation.

Note there are no classes during the month of November, as Karuna will be in Nepal. You will have coursework that you can engage during this time. 🙂

This intensive is designed with you in mind! If you are a yoga instructor, counselor, or in a healing profession — this 300-hour intensive will take your practice and teachings to the next level. If you are interested in learning specific techniques to amplify and align your personal meditation practice and/or wish to share the practice of meditation with your clients and students — join us!

Click Here for the Application. Upon completion, please make your deposit below to hold your spot. There are only 13 spaces available at this time. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come and first-serve basis and are due by July 15th. There are 2 discounted work study slots available – please inquire with Karuna directly (kelly at mindoasis.org). Should you not be accepted into the program – your deposit is fully refundable. It is also fully refundable up to 3 weeks prior to the start of the intensive.

Homework Includes:
Daily meditation – six times/week
Engaging in dancing, yoga, or some other movement that appeals to you
Walking meditation
Taking one day off each week to unplug and restore
Gazing at the sky

Required Reading:
How to Meditate – Pema Chodron
The Courage to Teach – Parker Palmer
Learning to Listen. Learning to Teach. – Jane Vella

Other requirements:
A service project benefiting charity or org
One three-day solo meditation retreat

Teacher Training Track includes teaching one online class each week

$2,800 Fee Includes:
300-Hour Certification
Bi-weekly Classes, Online Weekend Retreat
One Group Weekend Retreat in April 2020 – Location TBD by the group
Birth Chart Ayurvedic Reading
Free classes on Mind Oasis throughout duration of training (Maha series is an exception)

You are responsible for purchasing your own books (to accommodate your preference of e-books vs paperback vs hardcover, etc.) and transportation to/from retreat.

The Intensive Consists of Three Modules
Module One: Establishing and Amplifying Your Personal Practice*

Topics Include: Preliminaries, Shamatha Meditation, Stages 0-4 As Presented By Culadasa; Analytical, And Contemplative Meditation; Personal Retreat: Prepping And Purpose; And Science Of Meditation.

Module Two: Finding Your Voice and Aligning Your Life On and Off the Cushion

Topics Include: History Of Meditation, Ayurveda And Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Somatics,Vulnerability And Focus, Ethics, Social Justice, And Best Practices

Module Three: Serving Yourself and Others

Topics Include: Seva; Compassion, Tonglen, And Maitri Meditation Practices, The Ins And Outs Of Group Retreat And Self-care.

*Please note that for those who choose the teacher training track – in addition to your practicum – there will be plenty of instruction on developing courses, teaching online, and giving meditation instruction across the entire six-months; including a separate discussion board for your practicum. We’ll tweak this according to the group that signs up!

There will also be a bonus social media//marketing workshop included for those interested in learning about self-promotion, etc. Details forthcoming.

Intensive Schedule
*(Times presented in Central Time Zone)

Kickoff Retreat Weekend – At your HOME!
September 6-8th

20 hours

Friday, 6-9pm

Saturday, 9– 4:30pm +[Two-hour personal practice before sleeping]

Sunday, Noon – 4:30pm +[Two-hour personal practice upon waking]

Bi-weekly Monday Evening Classes [November break]
48 hours
September 9 – March 30th

Personal Practice
Minimum 20 minutes/day with one day off each week
56 hours

Weekly Practicum on Community Meditation – teaching, observing, or participating
24 hours

Personal Retreat
3 days/2 nights minimum

Service Project
10-15 hours

Group Retreat
2.5 days/3 nights

Reading Assignments
50 hours

Journaling, Community Chats, and Various Homework Assignments
26 hours

Guest Teachers Include (with more being announced):
Kelly Ann Lindsey, Dakini Meditative
– Ethics as a Meditation Teacher
Denise Deniger
– Somatics and Meditation
Michael Hewett, Vessel Academy
– Subtle Body in Meditation
Dr. Darshan Shah
– The Science of Meditation
Allison Joy Phillips, Vessel Academy
– Ayurveda and Meditation
Joseph Schwartz, Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment
– Walking Meditation
Jenny Fairbank, Ruby Retreats
– Mindfulness Meditation
Mind Oasis Community Meditation Teachers
Dana Wills
– Approaching Studios and Centers With Your Proposal

Reserve Your Spot

$280 reserves your spot
If you are accepted into the program, payment in full – less your deposit – is due four weeks prior to the start date. You save $120 by paying in full. If you need to set up a monthly payment plan, there is an option for that too!

Tiered-Pricing Options

Interested in learning more? Sign-up below to attend a Q&A on July 8th at 7:30pm CT.

This 300-hour intensive will be facilitated — and with the help of many exceptional guest teachers — taught by Founder and Executive Director Karuna (Kelly Schwartz). Since January 2017, Karuna has amassed over 122 hours of guiding meditations. She is a graduate of the 300-hour Dakini Meditative Teacher Training. In addition to a personal dedicated practice that includes many weeks in personal and group retreat, she has a one-month solo retreat under her belt. Despite the time spent on her cushion, Karuna is working with the vicissitudes of like just like everyone else. Her relatability and sense of humor are two reasons practitioners enjoy her guided meditations. It is her greatest desire to help all individuals amplify and align their life to live it to the fullest in each moment and each breath. When she isn’t working on Mind Oasis, you’ll find her on a trail in the Rocky Mountains hiking, running, or climbing with her amazing husband Joseph and beloved dogs: Stella Bean and Ruby Rose.