lama marut and buddhas

Lama Marut
Sunday, May 5, 2019 and Sunday, May 12, 2019
7pm-8:30pm CT

Most people would agree that living “authentically” is the key to a happy, contented life. But how do we actually do it? What it means to be “true to oneself” is not at all obvious and the specifics of how to actually live a life of integrity can be perplexing.

In this two-part workshop with Lama Marut, we’ll examine the question of how to live authentically from a spiritual point of view, guided by the ancient Sanskrit texts of the Yogic, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions.

We’ll especially focus on the important concept of satya (a word that can mean “truthful” or “honest,” but also “real” or “genuine”) and then move even deeper into an exploration of what these texts regard as our true nature, our ultimately authentic identity.

Each session will include time for discussion and practical suggestions for integrating the material covered into our daily lives. The sessions will be recorded – both audio and video and will be distributed within about 48 hours. You will have access to the recordings in perpetuity so you can revisit the teachings and meditations.

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Lama Marut (a.k.a. Brian K. Smith) is extensively trained in the spiritual traditions of India and Tibetan Buddhism. He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Religion and taught for over two decades in the academic world, first at Columbia University and later at the University of California, where he retired as Professor Emeritus in 2004.

He has served for nearly twenty years as a spiritual teacher to students around the world. In addition to several scholarly studies and translations based on Sanskrit materials, he is the author of the popular and award-winning book, A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life and of Be Nobody (both published by Beyond Words). His audio and video podcasts reach hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and he is the subject of a recent full-length documentary, “Incite Happiness.“

With his unique mixture of erudition and earthiness, intensity and humor, conviction and openness, Lama Marut’s message is easily accessible and potentially life changing. For further information about Lama Marut, please visit