Michael Hewett of Vessel Academy, NYC
Course begins April 29 and meets alternating Monday evenings
(4/29; 5/13; 5/27; 6/10; 6/24)

7:30-9:30pm ET

Tantra is the natural weaving of one’s spiritual practices into every aspect of life. ‘Tan’ means ‘depth’ & ‘Tra’ breadth, where compassion, mindfulness, passion, energetic fluency & personal reinvention transform life into art.

Tantra is a high-risk / high-gain lightning vehicle to Awakening, activated for the benefit of the practitioner & everyone who crosses their path.

The Seatbelt: How to make oneself ripe for tantric experiences.
Best practices for meditation: How to cultivate meditative stillness & proper motivation.
Everything is a drug: Transmutation of experiences & substances.
Astral Anatomy: Harnessing bandhas, chakras, nadis, prana, vayus & drops of consciousness.
Energetic Fluency: How to focus, direct, raise, peak & ground energy.
Energetic Boundaries: The art of staying grounded.
The Yoga of everyday life: Bathing, dressing, eating, working & playing as an Awakened being.
Use your illusion: Living as a conduit to ripen & support others on their paths.
Creating your mandala: Experiencing the world as extraordinary.
Tutelary deities: Contacting & learning from beings who reside in non-physical realms.

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