Everybody, and I mean everybody, likes free!

New for 2021, Mind Oasis now hosts mini-workshops – complimentary to join and enjoy!

Designed to give you a short preview session with our talented teachers, these mini-workshops are all about practical application of your meditation and mindfulness practices in your daily life. Check back often, as we add new opportunities all the time!

Mini-Workshop: Transforming Obstacles Into Wisdom and Compassion with Karuna

Thursday 25 February

6:30pm CT (30 minutes)

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Karuna will share a gentle process for inviting difficulties to tea. Whether it is fear, anxiety, guilt, or some other emotion you are working with, learn how to transform these important aspects of self into a source of wisdom and compassion.

All classes are recorded and available to view/listen If you miss a session they’re recorded & available within 48 hours.

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Mini-Workshop: Self-care Secrets to Ease Tired Legs & Sore Feet with Allison Joy

Wednesday 3 March 2021

6:30pm CST (30 minutes)

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Oh, my aching feet! Boy, are these dogs barking!

Our feet and legs represent the Earth element in our body. They are what ground us, carry us, and move us through the world – no wonder they take such a beating! In this quick 30-minute workshop, Allison Joy offers simple ways to recharge your lower half accessible for all bodies.

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Mini-Workshop: Meditate & Create with Kathy Leader

Tuesday 15 April 2021

5:00pm CST (30 minutes)

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Kathy will guide you into the present moment through a process-oriented art experience. 

  • Set intention
  • Meditation for enhanced creativity
  • Create through drawing

Become immersed in the creative process!

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Mini-Workshop: Myths and Truths about Detox and Cleanse with Elizabete Gomes

Elizabete’s positive approach invites deeper understanding of how you can nourish yourself, bring about a balanced, while maintaining the universal enjoyment of foods.

In this mini-workshop she will share three basic tips (the “Three R’s”– Refresh, Replace, Remove) for healthy eating.


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Mini-Workshop: Finding Mindful Relief from Lower Back Pain
with Joseph Schwartz

Joseph utilizes his 3+ decades as a somatic therapist to give you a simple and effective series of movements to relieve low back pain in only a few minutes each day. Explore how to regain lost range of motion — a major source for low back pain.


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