What’s Your Superhero Power?

July 13th, 2019|

Image by @NicoleHeere I was recently listening to NPR and they were interviewing Lulu Wang about her film, “The Farewell.” Something Wang said struck such a cord in me. She was talking about how one of the actresses had [...]

Alignment On Your Cushion and In Your Life

June 24th, 2019|

After a lot of listening and contemplation, I’ve come to believe that alignment is one of the most accessible doors into living a fully awakened, vivid, and joyful life. When we are out of alignment in some way – whether [...]

Mindful Mothering

August 28th, 2018|

Guest blog contributed by Lacey Melguizo:I began my practice of mindful mothering in 2012, my youngest was almost one and my oldest was three and a half.  Life was a little different back then, my littles required more of me [...]

Why Meditate on Mind Oasis?

August 15th, 2018|

1) Mind Oasis makes meditation accessible to everyone through live, interactive online classes. It’s convenient, simple, affordable and led by friendly, relatable teachers, and it can spark significant positive changes in your life.2) You can participate in a Mind Oasis [...]

Top Three Misconceptions About Meditation

August 15th, 2018|

1. You have to be able to stop all your thoughts to be a good meditator. “The practice is to train in not following the thoughts, not in getting rid of them altogether. That would be impossible.” - Pema ChodronMany new [...]

Traveling as a Mindful Practice

July 25th, 2018|

"Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind." ~ SenecaAny sage teacher will tell you that you don't have to go anywhere but within to practice mindfulness.They're 100% correct--and traveling can be a really fun, sometimes necessary [...]